Professional Development

From university professors and graduate students to high school teachers (my own probable career path) one theme stood out: How do we teach better? I went down to our city’s Inner Harbor Sunday evening and attended the SPS/AAPT poster reception and Physics Jeopardy competition. Who says physicists cannot have a good time? The posters by many undergraduate and graduate students were a view into twenty-first century education and research.

Setting goals and planning ahead will position you to succeed in 2017.

Follow five simple steps this December to improve your professional standing in the new year.

Arpan Sharma

Veltech University

Eli Adler

Ithaca College

My Internship in Byte-Size Pieces

The annual gathering of brilliant minds highlights the importance of networking for career advancement.

One of the most important professional lessons I have learned was not about science, management, or leadership. It was about how success in my job was tied to money.


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