One thing can lead to another when you start down the path of research

The most transformative element of my undergraduate education

New technologies under development at Saint Peter’s University

I'm a certified scuba diver, and I like extreme sports. I am SPS.

Kelby Peterson

Kelby Peterson

Utah State University

SPS Research Intern

Our chapter research project helped me develop confidence and maturity. I feel more like a scientist.

Keeley Townley Smith

Lamar University

SPS Member

Carrying out our SPS chapter’s microgravity experiment was an unforgettable experience that I wish every aspiring physicist could have.

Janelle Holmes

Howard University

SPS Member

University of Texas at Arlington Team

Research and Development of a Novel Acceleration Method using Forward Helical Vortex Magnetic Field with Rodin style toroidal electromagnet

Tuskegee University Team

Design and Development of Novel Nanocomposite Materials and Reactor Systems for Photocatalysis

Northern Virginia Community College Team

Experiments in Electrodynamic Levitation and Torodial Dipole Moment


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