Society News

Oct 20 2015

2015 SPS Mather Policy Interns Elias Kim and Drew Roberts recount their experiences on Capitol Hill this summer in an online article from Physics Today on October 13, 2015. Elias and Drew worked with minority staff of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology respectively. In the article, they "provide a thorough account of {their] experience as physics students in the world of politics."

Oct 19 2015

Amanda Landcastle elected vice president of the IAPS, and appointed as the Outreach and Education Coordinator. IAPS is completely organized and run by students.

Oct 6 2015

Resources page offers context, commentary, technical manuscripts and more on the discovery of neutrino oscillations

Sep 29 2015

AIP recently released the 2016 data on physical science departments on (GSS). Students will find up-to-date, comparative information on graduate programs and physics research in the United States and other countries.

Sep 28 2015

2015 Google Science Fair winner Pranav Sivakumar, an aspiring young astrophysicist and member of SPS from Illinois, is the first-ever repeat Google Science Fair Global Finalist. His algorithm to search for gravitationally lensed quasars earned him the Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award, top honors for a project in space and physics.