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2011 SOCK: A Century of Revolution

2008 SOCKThe 2011 SOCK provides three different lessons aimed to engage college students and school children alike. Lessons include collisions and solving a mystery, recreating Rutherford's gold foil experiment, and a fission activity. Each User's Manualincludes the lessons, demos, worksheets, and a resource CD with instructional videos for parts of each lesson.

Didn't receive a 2011 SOCK? Compile your own by downloading it - instructions are included in the User's Manual links.

To be eligible for a SOCK, Chapters must send an email to SPS with the following information:
1. School
2. Chapter Advisor
3. Primary student contact and his/her email address
4. Mailing address at which you will receive the SOCK
5. When, where, and with whom your chapter plans to use the SOCK

6. The SPS Chapter Advisor or President needs to send an email to SPS confirming plans to use the SOCK and giving the name of the student who is responsible for submitting the SOCK summary by May 1, 2012.

The 2011 SOCK includes:

Collisions and the Great Gold Robbery Mystery
2 Bags of Balls:
  • Golf Ball
  • Ping Pong Ball
  • Large Plastic Ball
  • Wooden Ball
  • Bouncy Ball
  • Foam Ball
Other Collision Activity Items:
  • 2 Hot Wheels Gravity Clamp packs
  • Copy of Collision Activity Worksheet (also on CD)
  • Video clip of the aftermath of a "robbery" on CD or downloaded from the web
Mystery Box Activity/Gold Foil Experiment
  • Bag of Marbles
  • Ramp with 5 Tracks
  • Gold Mystery Box
  • Heavy Ball (Mystery Item)
  • 5 Sheets of nontoxic Fly Paper
  • 2 Posters (rolled up)
  • Mystery Box Items Worksheet (also on CD)
Fission Activity
  • 35 Mouse Traps
  • 36 Ping Pong Balls
  • Balloon Bag: U-235 balloon with 2 marbles, 4 empty U-235 balloons, Kr-92 balloon, Ba-141 balloon, marble with thumbtack
  • Video of Operation: Mousetrap (CD)
  • Fission PowerPoint (CD)

…and much more!

Contributions by: Erin Grace & Amanda Palchak, 2011 SPS National Interns

2011 SPS Sock Interns


Master User Manual
Collision Activity Workpages
Bank Robbery video (for collision activity)
Mystery Box Items
Mystery Box Explanation
Nuclear Fission Powerpoint
How to Set a Mousetrap
Operation Mousetrap

Watch this YouTube video demonstrating a chain reaction, made by the 2011 SOCK Interns, Amanda Palchak and Erin Grace.

Follow this link to see the video at full size on YouTube.

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