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Meagan Saldua Meagan Saldua
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Internship: APS Physics Quest
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Week of July 30, 2007

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Week of July 23, 2007

I have two weeks left in DC and this Friday is my last day of work. I am still amazed at how fast the summer flew by, but I have great memories to take home with me! I spent most of my weekend thinking about my final presentation at ACP and planning what I wanted to accomplish in my last few days of work.

Monday was presentation practice day. I think I was more nervous about the practice than the real presentation because it is always the first one that gets me! I thought our feedback session was very helpful and eased everyone s minds. After the practice, we split up and added the final finishing touches to our slides. Then it was time for dinner at the country club with Toufic! We didn't have the best service, but I enjoyed visiting with Bernie and Toufic.

It s Tuesday! This means that it is time for our final presentations! Everyone was looking glam and stylish today as we headed over to ACP. I think we were all more than prepared to deliver our unabridged elevator speeches. A highlight to the event was our guest speaker, L. Worth Seagondollar. He gave a very personal and informational account on The Manhattan Project.

Wednesday was my first time sitting at my desk this week. It was hard to focus on work while trying to prepare my poster for the AAPT meeting in Greensboro, NC. After work I visited my cousin at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He is home from Iraq and I was really excited about meeting him for the first time. We had a good visit until I had to leave to catch my shuttle back to the Metro, but we plan on keeping in touch! This evening the interns decided to have Ethiopian night! I really liked the lentil Sambussa appetizer. My dish reminded me of beef stew, but it was good. The bread was definitely interesting though. It looked like some kind of sea creature.

I spent my second to last workday packing up my desk and saving files so that I could take them home and still correspond with Kendra. I am happy with my work from over the summer, but I hope to still help out with anything as the final kit goes into production! This afternoon was the NASA Tour! The clean room was really neat and so was the giant centrifuge. We also got to take a look at some models of what Jesus has been working on this summer. The tour ended in the visitors center where we watched a video on a sphere! After the tour we headed over to Fred and Linda Dylla s house for dinner. Once again, it was nice to visit with the VIPs of ACP outside of the office.

Friday is finally here, but nobody is around! I didn't get a chance to say many goodbyes, but that s okay because I will be back in September!!! Kendra helped me finish my poster, and I feel prepared for my presentation on Monday morning!

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Week of July 16, 2007
On Saturday, I made a trip out to Baltimore, Maryland with some of the interns. Ali did a great job planning the day! We had tickets to the aquarium, which was my favorite part. I really enjoyed seeing the sharks! After the aquarium we had some lunch and then we were on a mission to fulfill Ali's fantasy of riding a Chessie! We rented a couple of dragon shaped paddle boats for 30 minutes and had a boat race. Enrique, Ali, and Andy had the brilliant idea of ordering a snow cone while still sitting in the Chessie! After the boat ride, we walked to Bertha's Mussels for dinner. This restaurant is famous for its seafood, so I had some crab soup and a salmon plate. I thought the food was delicious, but I didn't think it was right if I didn't try one of Bertha's Mussels. Enrique ordered a dish with mussels in it, so I finally worked up the nerve to try one and it wasn't bad, but I don t think I would ever order some as a meal. After dinner we headed to Camden Yards for a Baltimore Orioles game! They were playing the White Sox that night and it was a great game. The Orioles came out on top in the end in extra innings so it was a good train ride home.

Sunday, I walked around some of the monuments and memorials at the mall, then I made my way to Ford's Theatre and the Peterson House. I was amazed at how many things were preserved from the assassination of President Lincoln, from the pillow that he laid on to the keys to the prison cells for those convicted in taking part in the crime. After that, I went to the Smithsonian Castle. I heard there wasn't much to see inside the castle, but there were quite a few things on display. I was interested in reading the story on how the Smithsonian Museums were funded by a man that had never been to the United States.

It's Monday again and this is my second to last week of work here at ACP. I have been submitting a lot of work to Kendra, but more like bombarding her with extension activities. My work style this summer has been to start several activities at once and then work on a few at a time. So, once I start wrapping my ideas up, I end up finishing a lot of projects at once and then I submit them all together! So, maybe I should try staying focused on one at a time, but when I get an idea for something, I like to just switch gears and go with it.

Monday night and Tuesday night I went to the Nationals vs. Astros games. I am sorry, but this time I was not cheering for the home team, I was an Astros fan all the way! It was great sitting on the 3rd baseline watching Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence, and Carlos Lee warm up and then cheering the team on throughout the game. The Astros lost on Monday, but pulled through Tuesday evening. I didn't go, but Wednesday's afternoon game ended up with another loss for the Astros. My adrenaline really started pumping when Lance Berkman hit a foul ball on Tuesday that I swear was coming right for me. Just as I was wishing I had remembered to bring my softball glove this summer, I realized that it was headed for the section to my right. I was definitely bummed that the ball didn't ricochet my way either, but maybe next time!

I had the opportunity to attend Space Engineering Camp at MRSEC on Wednesday. The kids were very different compared to the Tuckahoe demo and Spy Camp. I was shocked that they were scared to launch the projectiles in fear that someone was going to get hurt. They loosened up as the day moved on and were quite impressed with the super slingshot and Diet Coke and Mentos rocket cars.

Friday evening we had a cook out at Gary's. The food was delicious! We had red beans and rice, cheese dip, fruit platter, corn on the cob, sausage, and pork loin. Ali made some cupcakes that were so good that we watched Ryan swallow three of them whole almost. The night ended watching some of the guys and girls play basketball and badminton outside.

I plan on spending my weekend doing some last minute sightseeing and then working on finalizing my presentation for ACP on Tuesday. I am glad we have a practice on Monday, but I'm not ready for that either!

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Week of July 9, 2007
At the last minute, the Museum of the American Indian decided to host a Live Earth Concert on Saturday. Al Gore was going to talk about global warming and then Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were going to put on a free concert. By the time Ryan, Enrique, and I got there, the place was already packed and we were not even close to getting in the gates. We found a spot right in front of a huge screen and were pleased that we would still be able to see what was happening on stage. Some guy came out and everyone got quiet to listen to him talk. One problem though nobody set up any speakers!!! We could not hear anything and we were standing in the sun with no water and no shade. It was miserable standing there for an hour, but the potential rioters and protestors kept me entertained. Ryan eventually discovered the hidden palette of free water. There was a lot of shouting of Al Gore and audio. After we were done watching Al Gore's mouth move, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood came on stage. We were expecting the music to be louder than the speeches, but we were wrong, and they only sang one song. We actually watched some other concerts around the world later that evening on the internet and it was obvious they had been planning it a lot longer than 24 hours. My day picked up when I went to the Patent Museum. They had a shoe exhibit which was interesting. I will also mention that they have one of the best gift shops that I have seen in DC!!! After the museum I headed over to the George Washington Masonic Memorial. I didn't realize that you could actually go in the memorial, but I missed the visitor's hours by about 30 minutes. I will have to make another trip out there because my dad told me that they have a great gift shop, yet he has never been to DC!

I finally made it to the Museum of Health and Medicine on Sunday!!! I saw things like bones from men's legs that had been shattered by cannon balls during the Civil War, the bullet that killed President Lincoln, a ball of hair from a girls stomach, lots of microscopes, and an exhibit on Gregor Mendel. What was even more interesting was our shuttle driver that picked us up while we were walking to the museum and then we got a ride from him back to the metro when we were done. He was a unique guy and his driving definitely made me nervous! After that adventure, I went to the Old Post Office. Liz gave me a great tip on the view from the top of the bell tower. It was nice to stand and look over DC without being 555 feet in the air.

So, it's Monday and I was looking forward to searching for some more experiments for the Physics Quest Kit, but I decided to check my email first. I noticed that I had one from Liz and I figured that I should read that one first, but after glancing at the subject line, I wasn't so sure anymore. If you haven't read Jesus journal from last week, I suggest you take a look at that first. I opened the email and I was mortified. Jesus submitted a fake account of our altercation the previous Monday, and most of AIP was starting to wonder if they needed to reevaluate their opinions of me. Lets just say that the joke was originally on our bosses, without my knowledge, and then the joke was on us. All I have to say is that my internship was not terminated early, I do not spit on people, and I am relieved that it was Liz who was crying from laughing so hard and not me crying as I returned my plant to her.

Tuesday's work consisted of submitting some more rough drafts to Kendra and working on testing out some new experiments. My goal is to have varying levels of difficulty between the experiments so the students can challenge themselves and hopefully develop a stronger interest and more positive attitude towards physics. Jesus, Christie, Ryan, Justin, and I went to eat at Thaiphoon for dinner. It wasn't the best Thai food we've had this summer.

Wednesday was a very exciting day. In the morning, we left work early to meet with Congresswoman Nancy Boyda. She was very busy voting that day and so our time with her was delayed, but we were able to visit with one of her staff members. When we finally got to meet the Congresswoman, my impression of her is that she is very spunky and was quick to ask what Congress should be doing. She is also a very empathetic woman because when I told her that I was studying applied physics and mathematics, she gave me a hug! The afternoon was spent battling the rain and making our way over to NIST. We caught up to the group and began our tour with John Suehle through some of the labs and got to see a transistor through a microscope. Dr. Charles Clark gave my favorite part of the tour. We walked through the Radiation Physics Building and toured the Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility, or SURF. Then, Dr. Muhammad Arif gave us a tour and we saw a neutron interferometer, but we were not able to go inside of it.

Thursday morning, Andy, Ryan, Justin, Andrea, and I attended a constituent coffee with United States Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. There were a lot of people at the coffee and there wasn't much time to talk to the senator, but we did get to introduce ourselves and take a picture with her. I mentioned to her that I attend Angelo State University and she said she loves ASU! Then we went on a Capitol Tour and I got to stand exactly in the middle of Washington, DC! We also walked through the Rotunda, Statuary Hall, and the original Supreme Court. The Statuary Hall has a really neat acoustics effect. We stood on one side of the room, and the Senator's summer intern stood on the other side and spoke into the floor. We were able to hear her from across the room! It was really neat and of course puzzling at the same time.

It's finally Friday and I am definitely ready for the weekend to be here. I have big plans in Baltimore on Saturday and hope catch some Houston Astros games next week!

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Week of July 2, 2007

Thursday's ACP Picnic is pretty hard to top, but Friday means we're that much closer to the weekend!  Andrea, Enrique, Ryan, and I headed out to Chinatown to eat at a restaurant called Matchbox.  I made my own pizza and it was delicious!  I also noticed some of the other tables ordering some appetizers that I have to go back and try.  Not much happened that night with the exception of getting ahead on some laundry and some much needed sleep!

Since everyone decided to leave DC for the weekend, Ryan and I figured we would beat the crowd to the monuments by getting up early to take pictures without thousands of other people trying to do the same thing.  We stopped at the Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, George Mason Statue, Albert Einstein Statue, and Arlington National Cemetery where we saw JFK's grave site, Tomb of the Unknowns, Changing of the Guard, and the Iwo Jima Statue.  We originally wanted to walk to the Awakening, but we had to improvise because they closed off our path due to 4th of July preparations.  We opted for walking everywhere and racked up over 11 miles for the day!  At lunchtime we decided to split up and I went to the mall to find some good sales!

Jesus, Ryan, Justin, Enrique, and I went to the Washington National Cathedral on Sunday.  The architecture was beautiful and I loved the stained glass.  Our day was winding down fast, so Ryan and I tried to make a run to the Museum of Health and Medicine.  We timed it so we knew we would have 30 minutes to run around and take as many pictures as we could, but the front gate was closed.  So we walked around the perimeter and once we got back to the front, we realized we should have gone right instead of left.  By the time we figured it out we only had 10 minutes left, so we decided on trying again some other time.  More signs would have been very helpful because I only saw one sign that said to use the gate on Elder's St. and that was at the very back of the medical district.  We did a lot of walking today bringing in over 20 miles just for the weekend!  Enrique cooked a Peruvian dish that night that had chicken, potatoes, boiled eggs, and a creamy paste.  La comida era deliciosa!

On Monday, Jesus decided to help me work on my self-defense techniques.  I was walking alone to the Metro and he came up beside me and scared me!  He is very sneaky, but I haven't forgotten!!!  Work is still going well.  I am still working on some drafts and figuring out where the best place is to stick some images.  I am almost ready to start searching for more extension activities to test out.

Tuesday was about the same as Monday.  Just trying to get some work done before the midweek holiday!  Andy bought group tickets to a Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs game.  The Cubs won 3-1 and there were a lot of exciting plays in the outfield.   

Happy 4th of July!  We met at Constitution and 17th to watch the parade.  My favorite group was definitely the Bolivian dancers!!!  They had so much energy for wearing such elaborate and dark clothing with bells!  I also enjoyed seeing the Clydesdales and cheering on our country's service men and women!  The fireworks show was a lot of fun, too.  I think we were the only group that remembered to bring our diffraction glasses!!!

The holiday really threw me off this week.  I thought Tuesday was Friday since we didn't have work on Wednesday and so I actually set the wrong alarm to go off that day, and then Thursday felt like a Monday!  Either way, I worked on some write-ups and resubmitted a few drafts to my awesome boss Kendra!  I tried Indian food for the first time tonight.  We all shared so we could get a taste of everything.  I really liked the Samosa appetizer, and Ryan and Jesus thought I ordered the best main dish, but I had reason to believe otherwise!  I am glad I tried it, but I think I'll stick with the Thai Summer Rolls!

Now it's really Friday and I've got lots of big plans for the weekend!  My cousin is in town visiting a friend and we're going to have dinner and then go out dancing tonight!  I have also made a list of places to go and things to see this weekend so I can finish crossing stuff off of my To Do in DC List.

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Week of June 25, 2007
My fourth week working at ACP has come and gone very quickly. I know that is a good thing, but it is sad that we are already halfway through our incredible experience here. It has been a busy week, but I am not tired of it yet!

Last Friday, we decided to stay in and hang out. Jesus did a great job saving up pennies so we ending up having a Poker Night! My Texas Hold Em skills came in handy! I surprised a few people with my knowledge of the game and my ability to keep a poker face, but would you expect anything less?

Saturday was a big day. We headed out early to see the Botanic Garden and walked through the jungle exhibit. The flowers outside didn't seem to be in season, but the inside was great. After that, we went to the Washington Monument for our group tour! Enrique did not know that we were going to go inside and up to the very top, and that is when he decided to share his fear of heights with us. The view was amazing from 555 feet above the ground! The day was still early, so we went to the National Museum of the American Indian. I was really interested in the traditional clothing and sculptures. Saturday night was dancing night out in Adam's Morgan! We all had a good time.

Sunday was the day I had been waiting for. We went to the National Zoological Park! We did not get a chance to see everything, but we hit the highlights and were satisfied with that. The most amazing part was when we were standing 2 feet away from a deer that did not seem to feel threatened by us at all. We got lots of good pictures.

Monday means it is time to get back to work. I started off by doing a few more experiments and then beginning some more of my write-ups for the extension activities. Things are going really well so far. I have two lessons per experiment to write up. One is for the student and one is for the teacher. The students pages are generally vague and simply have the experimental procedures and some discussion questions to think about. The teachers provide background on the materials used, what is taking place in the experiment, and how to relate the concept to their students.

Tuesday was the Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF) Exhibit on Capitol Hill. We made our way to the Rayburn Building with Fred Dylla and Jerry Hobbs. I was feeling a little nervous before getting there, but it turned out to be for the wrong reasons. The exhibit was really nice, but getting in was the hard part. There must be something about my shoes because I could not make it through the metal detector! Once we made it in, we were immediately introduced to Dr. Kathie Olsen, the Deputy Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF). Later in the evening, Ryan and I got to visit with Dr. Arden Bement, the Director of NSF. He commented that we looked like very happy interns that have been treated very well, which is definitely the truth! The experience was meant for us to mingle with some congressional staffers and anyone affiliated with NSF to tell them how their funding has affected us. I personally have not had the opportunity to receive any funding or!
participate in anything funded by NSF, but they have funded some optical and electrical characterization equipment for Angelo State University that I will get my hands on this fall! After the exhibit we went out to dinner, which was really nice because we were able to visit with Jack, Jerry, Fred, and Liz outside of the work environment for a change.

Wednesday's workday was cut a little short because Jack Hehn arranged for the interns to visit the American Chemical Society (ACS). We were forewarned that ACS is a much larger society and the physics societies tend to be a little bit jealous of them sometimes. Personally, I am thrilled to be where I am and I would not trade it for anything! Most of the visit was spent in a conference room sharing personal stories and advice. We did get a tote bag and lots of papers to fill it up with. My impression was that they are envious of SPS because of our outstanding outreach/policy/research efforts. We had dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant called Skewer's. I tried hummus with lamb, baba gannouj, and tabouleh all for the first time in one night! I was also thrilled about my chicken breast kabob. Everything was delicious. During dinner I visited with Amy from the American Society for Microbiology. She had lots of information to share and we talked about things to do in a!
nd out of DC to biophysics!

Thursday was the ACP Picnic! My tasks for the day were to help out with the Crash Test Smarties Room and film the Diet Coke and Mentos experiments. The afternoon was a lot of fun from setting up the demos, filming, eating, playing the Price is Right (and winning!), and of course line dancing! It was hot outside, but we were spared any rain showers. The demo rooms turned out great, but the Diet Coke and Mentos experiments brought in a good crowd. Everyone was amazed by the show. Ryan and Justin varied the experiments by using different types of soda and then different types of candy.

It's Friday today, and that means the weekend is here! We are all splitting up this weekend, so everyone should have good stories and pictures to share when they get back. I plan on doing more sightseeing around DC and hopefully seeing more monuments in particular. I also have a new hobby! Enrique caught the 5am Running Bug from Ryan, and now I've got it, too! It's more like 5:30 am for me, but I plan on sticking to it!

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Week of June 18, 2007

Every week of my summer here just gets better and better. Monday, Alan stopped by my desk and asked me if I like baseball. Of course I said YES! and he gave me two tickets to that night's game. The Washington Nationals were playing the Detroit Tigers. Ryan and I sat 5 rows up from the 3rd baseline. The Nationals rally in the 8th and 9th innings was not enough because they still lost 8-9. Despite the home team's loss, it was a great game with crazy fans all around. I could not have asked for a better Monday!

I spent Tuesday morning at Tuckahoe Elementary School. Justin, Andrea, Andy, and I performed a physics demonstration for Ms. Coffman's 3rd grade class. The focus of the demo was a potential SOCKs Kit experiment about speed vs. height and we tied in a lesson on seatbelt safety. The Hot Wheels radar guns were a big hit. Our grand finale was supposed to be a Diet Coke and Mentos rocket on skates, but it did not turn out as planned. The kids were still impressed with the spewing soda, though. After the demo, Gary took us to Elevation Burger for lunch. I am still dreaming about those caramelized onions!

Liz had a great surprise for me on Wednesday. In my first journal, I mentioned how I was jealous that Andy had a plant on his desk. Well, not anymore! I have my own plant to take care of now, and it is a lot cuter, too! Aside from our plant rivalry, Andy and I have become good friends, and I think we got even closer today. It was a big day for Andy and I. On our way home, we were on the escalator going down, and when Andy tried to walk ahead, he realized that his foot was caught. The woman next to me had a rolling suitcase that had these hooks on the bottom and she fish hooked Andy's pant leg into his shoe! I immediately bent down and freed him. The woman was mortified, but no harm was done. I came to Andy's rescue and saved him that day. Wednesday night, I decided to cook some baked chicken. Krystyna, Ryan, Enrique, and I had dinner together. If someone is not cooking for everyone, then we just get together and help ourselves to each other's food. Enrique had some of my chicken and we both tried Ryan's stir-fry.

Andrea and I got to see what Ryan has been up to at MRSEC on Thursday. He and his fellow camp counselors put together a Spy Camp for local middle school students. Ryan invited us to help take the kids to the International Spy Museum. The kids seemed to really enjoy the exhibits, and I got invited to crawl through the air vent! I also completed my Spy Mission flawlessly and I will be recommended for more missions. Reading about a spy's techniques and seeing their gadgets was really interesting, but I think the shocking pen from the museum store was the highlight of their day. Thursday night, Ryan, Krystyna, and I went to eat at Chipotle and then we went to the Bodies Exhibit. I have been looking forward to going to this exhibit for a long time and I was definitely pleased.

Our metro trip this morning was a little weird. The Metro Center station was really quiet. I did not understand how people could be so quiet on a Friday. It was like an awkward silence moment when nobody knows what to say. So, it was a relief to get to work and hear people talking and laughing. My workload this week has mostly been writing up some experiments. I still have experiments that I need to test, but everything is coming along great. I am not sure what my weekend plans consist of, but we do have a scheduled tour for the Washington Monument on Saturday afternoon. Justin and Jesus have a Cranium rematch coming their way, too. I am determined to win!

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Week of June 11, 2007
Well, my second week at the American Center for Physics (ACP) flew by even faster than the first. Monday is kind of a blur for some reason, so I'll start with Tuesday. Tuesday was a really good day because I got my supplies from Kendra to start working on some potential extension activity experiments! My project this summer consists of putting together an experiment kit to be used in middle school classrooms and after school clubs. The kit will have some sort of storyline and mystery puzzle. In order to figure out the correct answers to the puzzle, the students will have to conduct the experiments, and if done correctly, they will get clues to help them solve the mystery. So, it is a really fun project that will be distributed to thousands of classrooms for free!

Like I mentioned earlier, I was really excited about getting supplies so I could start working. The experiments seemed really simple and I did not think I would have any trouble getting the correct results. Of course that was not the case at all. My first experiment was probably the coolest one to start with, but I have a lot of fine-tuning to do. I am trying to invert hot and cold water using some plastic bottles and the experiment is supposed to dazzle your brain by making you think that you are defying gravity. The second experiment was a flame test! Yes, I was allowed to play with toothpicks, candles, and matches! It worked pretty well, but I think I can do better. Then there was this other experiment that had to do with leaking hot and cold water. My results were completely opposite of what was supposed to happen, but after consulting with Katie and Andy, I got some great advice and the second time was perfect! So, even though you perform an experiment word for word out of a printed book, it is not always right! This means I will have to add my own tricks in my write up to make sure the experiment works perfect the first time around for the students.

My summer job is to work for the American Physical Society (APS) on the Physics Quest Kit, but I can jump in on any other projects that are floating around this summer that interest me. One big project in particular is the My Bowl Ad. APS got a grant for a 2 second t-shirt ad during the Super bowl next year. I am apart of a brainstorming team on how we can create an image for physics that does not scare people away. It is a hard task, but there are a lot of creative people in this building.

This weekend was a lot of fun. We decided to hang out at the dorms again, and we played a very intense game of Cranium. On Saturday, we went to the Department of the Interior and then we went to the Museum of Natural History, which is definitely one of my favorites so far. We saw Sharks 3D! at the Imax Theatre. Saturday night, a few of us got a taste of the night life around DC. We walked to Dupont Circle and hung out for awhile. On Sunday, we went to the Portrait Gallery, but there is no way you can see everything in there in one day. We hit the high points of the museum though. We walked through the Civil War, the American Presidents, and others.

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Week of June 4, 2007

On June 2, seven out of the eight interns had arrived in Washington, DC. After meeting everyone, I was confident that we had a great group and would make the most of our summer together.

After everyone was settled in, we decided to head to Pentagon City to get some dinner and then buy groceries. The grocery basket got very heavy, very fast, and so it was a long way home that evening.

Sunday was a rainy day, so we decided against venturing out just yet. A few of us made another trip to the grocery store. Then, we had dinner at a fancy pizzeria!

Monday was Orientation Day for the interns. (We were all on time by the way, which I think was a first.) We got to meet a lot of people from several organizations. The morning sessions were meant to give us a heads up on who is in charge of what and help us familiarize ourselves with the building. In the afternoon, I met my bosses, which was exciting because I was informed that they are the coolest bosses to get paired up with! I also got a chance to hang out in my cubicle and set up my email account. I am jealous that I did not have a plant on my desk like Andy did.

Monday evening was interesting. After an informative day and waiting in a long line to get Internet, I finally made my way home. I ate my leftover pizza, Krystyna made herself something to eat, and Ryan decided to cook a frozen pizza in our room. We were a bit wary because it was gas oven and it did not have any type of indicator other than the temperature dial. After a few minutes, the guys decided to check on the pizza and this is when the chaos started. The cheese dripped down into the oven and started burning. Everything turned out okay, though. The pizza did not burn, and we do not think that the smoke detectors are functioning properly.

Tuesday was my first full day of work. I continued getting settled in at my desk and stocked up on few supplies. I started working on past experiments and reviewing ideas for this summers Physics Quest Kit. It was Andy's birthday, which also happened to fall on the June Birthday Bash celebration, so we had a fun afternoon. Some of the guys volunteered to make our first home cooked meal that night. The spaghetti turned out great!

Wednesday's lunch was a nice surprise. Some of the interns were treated to lunch at a local South American restaurant. I realized that it was not a joke; the interns really do eat well around here! Also, Andrea had finally arrived, our group was now complete!

Thursday evening was the BBQ. We celebrated a long awaited and well-deserved Sigma Pi Sigma Induction. I met some more people around the office and got great ideas for my summer project.

Friday came very quickly and an evening with Capitol Steps was a good way to kick off the start of the weekend. We accomplished a lot of sightseeing in just two days. We visited the Vietnam War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the Supreme Court. We also got pictures of the White House, the Washington Monument and the Capitol. We visited the National Air and Space Museum and the Holocaust Museum, too.

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