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Krystyna Dillard-Crawford Krystyna Dillard-Crawford
Mesa State College
Internship: NIST

My name is Krystyna Dillard-Crawford. I am a graduating senior from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO. I have plans to pursue a graduate degree in Astrophysics, and then conduct research till I die. Coming from a small, rather underfunded school, I am ecstatic at the opportunity to conduct research at a facility with comparatively "unlimited" funds. Not to mention the fact that Washington D.C. presents a whirlwind of cultural sights and sounds.

I am extremely interested in organic electronics, and it seems hard to believe that I will be conducting research at NIST this summer. I have been president of SPS for the past year, and we've had a great time. My favorite activities include outreach and demonstrations. We've had so much positive feedback from the other college students, they really seem to enjoy it. I also follow Latin American politics, human rights watch, and various womens rights/issues publications. My mother has been involved in various human rights organizations and in the summer of 2005 I went with her to Guatemala. It is enlightening and unsettling to be faced with conditions so unlike our own. I hope to also make a humanitarian contribution at some point.


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