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Enrique Carrion Enrique Carrion
Georgia State University
Internship: NIST
Online Journal
Week of July 9, 2007 Week of June 18, 2007
Week of July 23, 2007 Week of July 2, 2007 Week of June 11, 2007
Week of July 16, 2007 Week of June 25, 2007 Week of June 4, 2007
Week of July 23, 2007
This week has been great so far. I don't have the pressure at work anymore of my experiment, my results, and the presentation. This last few days I really really enjoyed going to work. Not that the rest of the time work was bad, not at all, but now is just much more relaxed.

This past few days I finished writing some programs I had already started and left in the middle. I have put together all (a lot of data) my data and results to transfer to my mentor. That way he can analyze it in more detail and who knows maybe something good and valuable can come out of it. Like I said before it was quite a bit of data I took, and it was spread around different stations (computers)so I have had to compile all that and turn it in to my mentor.

On the weekend I really didn't do a whole lot of tourism, I think by now I am tired of museums; not that I don't enjoy them, but when your usual weekend stop becomes a crowded place in which there is so much to learn is a bit overwhelming. I am sure you guys might know what I am talking about, if not, then you definitely need to apply for this internship next summer and you'll know what I am talking about.

I have been going on a morning 6 mile run around the mall every morning, since Wednesday (the day after our presentations). It definitely keep me energized and is a good work out anyways. I guess I would have to credit my roommate/marathon-runner Ryan for getting me into the whole running thing.

So like I was saying, on the weekend I went for my usual run. On Sunday my run was under the rain, it was cool until it got too wet to even see what was in front of you so I had to stop for a little bit. Regardless of the rain though I had fun and completed my run. On Saturday I also went to the movies and to a restaurant with Jesus and Kristie (his wife), it was a lot of fun, except for the fact that I forgot my camera at the restaurant. I don't know if they found it or not yet, they don't open again until Wednesday. Hopefully they'll have it. But other than that, Saturday was a lot of fun!

This might be one of my last journal entries while I am still on DC, and just want to let everyone one that you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the program for next summer. Everyone (AIP, SPS, AAPT, staff) here are great persons to work with, they definitely made my experience at DC a remarkable one. I also want to thank them for that.

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Week of July 16, 2007

This past week we had our final presentations. It was on a Tuesday. Finally all the craziness at work is over. I am still going to work, however, things are way more relaxed now. The week before my presentation my mentor and I rushed through quite a bit of measurements in order to get good results that we could explain for the presentation. In the end, I was satisfied with what I presented (just a little part of what I did this summer); but even more important than that, my mentor and my supervisor (Dr. John Suehle) were satisfied with the results as well. They had never studied or experienced with what I worked on so it was a beginning step for them as well to study the temperature (all the way to 77K) dependence of our devices (MOSFETs).

On Monday, all the interns presented in from of each other as well as Liz, and Gary. They all provided good criticism in certain areas we all could do better. In my case I was told that I could take it easy and slow down a little bit, since I had gone too fast the first time I went. With that in mind I think I did better on the day of the actual presentation (even though I still rushed a bit). All the presentation were very interesting. I think what made our presentation session unique was the variety of the talks. It range form research, to outreach, to education. Also everyone had a different presentation style according to their subject. I think our audience definitely appreciated that.

Something I forgot to mention was our slide show. At the beginning of the session, while everyone was sitting and having coffee, Sonia and her son (thank you so much by the way) put together and slide show of all the interns, with pictures that we submitted the week before.

Our keynote speaker was a very interesting character as well. L. Worth Seagondollar was one of the co-founder of SPS! He talked about his experience at Los Alamos National Laboratories when he, as a nuclear physics graduate student, worked and witness, the first man made nuclear weapon. Like Liz said, he definitely had a story to tell. He is a very nice and friendly guy.

To sum up, this week was great. Our presentation session went like planned. All the work in the weeks past that it was definitely worth it. The staff at ACP did a great job planning the event, and our respective mentors were very supportive as well.

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Week of July 9, 2007
I have been really busy lately. I have been trying to finish running some experiments and also preparing my final presentation. The talk itself is just for 10 minutes , which actually makes it a little harder since there is so much material I could talk about. The way its looking right now, I still have quite a bit of omitting/erasing content left to do. Well, but enough from work, lets just get to the fun and more interesting part.

This past weekend Andy, Alli (his girlfriend), Meagan, Jason (her boyfriend), and me went to Baltimore. We had a blast. It was really awesome. We left early Saturday morning; we took the AMTRAK train. It was not expensive at all, so if anyone of you is ever thinking on doing something like that while you are here (I am encouraging you guys to apply for this internship) you should. The trip was about 50 minutes!! That is even less than my actual train ride from DC to Shady Grove, which is the last station on the red line, by which NIST is located. Anyways, bottom line it was a cheap ticket and short travel travel.

Once in Baltimore, we had a few mini-adventures finding our ways through the city. We almost get run over by the train (twice if I am not mistaken), and also chased the train late at night running through the middle of the road. So I guess most of our "mini-adventures" had to do with the train system, but it was still fun.

Anyways, as soon as we got there, we went and bought baseball (Orioles vs White Socks) game tickets. We wanted to make sure we were going to find cheap seats. After that we walked to the National Aquarium. It was great. By far the best aquarium I have ever been into. I have only been to the one other one (the one in Atlanta), but not even that one was close to this one. The way they kind of guide you through the whole exhibit makes the experience much more enjoyable. In the one in ATL you kind of have to find your way around.

After that we went for a late lunch, and then we hoped in a couple of paddle boats. We had a little competition, but we both (groups) tried to kind of cheat. It was still fun though, and much more physically exhausting as I thought it would be. After that we went inside the aquarium once more cause we hadn't finished all the exhibits. We did not know though that the only one left that we had, usually takes about 5 min. Still, it did matter, the aquarium was cool enough to make it worth it to come back.

After that we went for dinner, and finally the baseball game. It was a fun trip. We came back that very same night like at 12 or 1am. It was a good trip.

Sunday, was very low key for me. I think I have enough of museums around here, so I mainly stayed home working on some data. I also did laundry and went grocery shopping. Neither of those were really exciting though. Anyways, it was a pretty good weekend overall, I enjoyed it a lot. Now I got to get back to my presentation and to sleep. I'll keep you guys posted, and the next entry will be on time (I double promise).

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Week of July 2, 2007

The 4th of July was amazing! I just wanted to start my entry with that and talk a bout it later; however, that was the bottom line. Anyway, looking back at my past journal entry I forgot to talk about our weekend, so I guess I'll do it here.  

Last weekend, most of us (Jesus, Justin, Andrea, Katie, and Chris) went hiking to a national park in Virginia. It was a lot of fun. It was about a 2 hour drive, but it was definitely worth it. We walked in the river, jumping from stone to stone for about half a mile. That was a really tiring experience. Jumping from stone to stone was a lot of fun, and even though I fell like 5 times (when I was trying to climb a log) I would do it again. By the way there is a very bad picture of me thanking my audience (people gathered as they walked by) for standing through my whole 10 minutes of struggle attempting to climb that silly (gotta keep it PG) log. Other than that, we also went through 2 trails; barbecued hot dogs for lunch; and finally probably the most exciting thing of our little adventure: rock climbing. There are also a bunch of pictures of that (in Andrea's photo gallery), Andrea was the adventurous that dragged most of us into it. She was fearless as far as going a bit further than what I probably would have, but it was a lot of fun. The view was amazing, it is definitely worth to note that. One more time, the view was amazing!  

Last Sunday we also went to the National Cathedral and I cooked a Peruvian dish for everyone. Spending 2 hours in the kitchen definitely reminded me why I don't cook on a regular basis. Everyone liked it (or at least they said they did) so I guess I'll try to convince myself that the time in the kitchen was surely worth it.   

The highlight of this week definitely was the 4th of July. We started our day by going to the national parade in the Mall. It was very nice. It was long, colorful, and nice. The only drawback was probably the heat. But it was worth it. Latter that day, we went to have lunch, and then to the Folklife festival. Finally, after hanging out for a little while in our dorms, we went to see the fireworks. By far, they were the best fireworks I have ever seen.  

The whole day I kept thinking it was a weekend, and that made it really hard to get up next morning to go to work. Anyway, today is Friday, and I just wanna note to myself that I am submitting my journal on time, hopefully I can do that next week as well.  

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Week of June 25, 2007
This week was a bit hectic at work and also in general. We had two event during the week; they made the work week way shorter than usual and thus less time to get things done. On Tuesday we had the CNSF (I don't know what C stands for but NSF stand for National Science Foundation) exhibit and on Thursday we had the ACP (American Center for Physics) picnic. Both of them were a lot of fun, but like I said, they really cut my week short. On top of that, last week I also had to run some personal errands on Friday, so I had to leave work early as well. This coming week I'll be going in early (8:00 am) and leaving late in order to try to catch up.

So by now I told you about how short and fast my week was, but I haven't told you anything about any of the events. Like I said earlier, they both were a lot of fun. The CNSF Exhibit was an event done in order to thanks NSF for their continuous and important support (through funding) to many scientific/non-scientific research projects going on all around the nation. It was also important for the people at the exhibit exposing their projects to let congressmen know how important this funding from NSF is to their projects and to humanity in general so congress will continue (and hopefully increase) supporting NSF itself. That day, I went around many of the booths learning more about the different projects that go on all around the nation. To my surprise, I found people from Georgia State! They were from the Biology department, specializing in Neuroscience. The "Neuroscience" department (is not really a department but that group its huge! People from all over collaborate, including Physics) is very important in Georgia State and for the Biology department. The amount of funding they have is ridiculous! Hey but I guess that good for science in general.

The event on Thursday did not have such big implication like the one on Tuesday. The picnic was a lot of fun; it was the annual employee picnic that the ACP hosts. There were games, music, food, scientific expositions (put together by the interns who work there), etc. I played musical chairs and also learned how to line dance; it was a lot of fun. Food was great also. Those two were the main highlights of my week, but I am really looking forward for the 4th of July. Its going it be my first 4th of July in D.C. I guess that if you really want to know what the 4th of July is all about there is no better place than D.C.!

With not much else to report (or that I remember), 'til next week.

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Week of June 18, 2007

This week went by even faster than the one before. I am amazed by how fast time goes when one is enjoying what he is doing and when there are so many things to keep one busy at work. With that being said, this week things were a bit hectic at work.

Like I mentioned on my previous entry, I was assigned three main project to develop and carry on during my time at NIST, yet it has almost been three weeks, and I am still working (final stages) on the first one. I like it though, I am learning a lot, and making good friends with the other interns at NIST as well. However, I guess I am starting to feel a little pressure to get done all that was assigned to me. My mentor is a nice guy, very understanding, helpful, and flexible. He did mentioned that it is fine if I don't finish everything, and that maybe they assigned me too many projects; but as a personal goal, I would really like to finish all.

On the weekend we also did our usual visit to a museum or two. On Friday we went to dinner to a restaurant and then back to the dorms. We did not played Cranium this week though. On Saturday, we went to the botanical gardens and to the Native American museum. We also went to Georgetown for dinner later that night. Sunday there were a few that went to the Zoo, but I had a couple things I needed to get done, so I stayed. I had to write a couple of emails, and also do a little more research on grad school. I talked to my family and got some stuff from work done later at night. I kind of wanted to take the day to rest since this past week work has been very tiring (I got out like at 7pm twice).

This week was a four day week for me; I had a doctor's appointment on Friday. Everything is fine though, I am not sick or anything. Next week will also be a bit of a short week, since I will have to leave from work early two days due to events. We have the CNSF event on Tuesday and the AIP picnic on Thursday. I am really looking forward to those, they will be fun.

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Week of June 11, 2007

Like I said on my past journal entry, last week was devoted mainly to getting settled at work and in D.C., and it definitely seemed way longer than what it actually was. In contrast, this week went by really fast, and without even noticing it was Friday already. Nonetheless, many interesting things happened this week. One of the most important, to me, was that the Spurs won their fourth NBA championship but I guess I better don't talk about sports and try to stay on topic.

At work things are great. On Monday I was assigned the projects that I will be working on for the rest of the Summer. The main topic that I will be address is "Oxide Reliability in SiC MOSFET's," and I will approach it from three different projects. The first on is the study of long tern bias instability effects in SiC devices. The second one is the development and implementation of a Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy technique, in order to detect imperfections (traps) in the bulk of the SiC devices. Finally, the Third one consist in extending the previously done studies of short term bias temperature instability of SiCwas to present. My presentation went ok, I thought. I received positive feedback as well. That was very gratifying.

This whole week basically I have been working in the second project I talked about (DLTS). I have been programming an oscilloscope and a signal generator, in order to complete the DLTS setup. I a, almost done with that; there is a couple more pieces of equipment that I still have to incorporate (and program) to the setup, but they do not seem to be as challenging as the previous two (specially the scope). But I am very satisfied and happy with the way things have gone at work this week. I definitely feel like I am devoting my tie to something important that I enjoy.

That is basically how I spent most of my week, other than my usual run in the morning (by "mooring" I do not mean 5:00 AM like Ryan my roommate, but I try to get up early and jog for a couple of miles) and sometimes my basketball pick up games in the evening (after work). We also had a NIST division picnic on Thursday. I got to get to know better the other interns from the SURF program ,as well as more staff from the division. We played volleyball, it was a lot of fun.

On the weekend, we went around museums and got to know the city a lot better. We went to the Department of the Interior museum, Natural History museum, and National Portrait Gallery. It was a weekend in which we walked a lot. It was definitely an exhausting weekend. We have become pretty close friends, and enjoy hanging out together. Everything up here is going way better than expected. I am learning a lot at work, getting to know new places around D.C., getting back in shape, and even making new great friends.

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Week of June 4, 2007

Hey Everybody,

I have been in Washington D.C. since last Saturday, and working at NIST since last Monday. Yet, it already feels like it has been way longer than that. The city is beautiful, our dorms are great (better than expected), and everybody I have met here so far has been friendly and always willing to help. All the staff at AIP (American Institute of Physics) and also at NIST (which is actually where I will be working for the following months. ) have been great.

This week has been I suppose the week for us to settle in and get to know the place, and I think that most of us have already done so. My commute from George Washington University to NIST is a bit long, but is not the worst thing in the world. I already have a presentation on Wednesday about the research projects that I will be developing this summer, but no worries my mentor (a graduate student) is helping me.

With not much else to report, I say bye.

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