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2005 SPS National Interns
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Mika McKinnon Mika McKinnon
University of California-Santa Barbara, CA

Internship: SPS Outreach/2005 World
Year of Physics


I spent my early years on a storm-tossed island in British Columbia, and moved many times along the coastline until settling in Santa Barbara. I'm in the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and I love the program's flexibility. I've been able to balance my physics coursework with getting involved in a cosmology research lab, leading a student colloquium on the science in scifi movies, and reviving the decades-dormant local chapter of SPS. I'm a dedicated stargazer and an unrepentant scifi junkie.

I learned to bake a pie and lay concrete during the same week, but I always thought making cookies was more fun. I doodle constantly. I get around mostly on roller blades, but I've been known to waltz between classes on particularly giddy days. I'm catching a red-eye flight on the night of graduation so I can get to DC in time to start the internship.

In the fall I will begin my graduate studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, modeling the stability of hotspots in Martian volcanoes.



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