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Joseph York Joseph York
Wittenberg University, OH

Internship: National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST)
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Joe York—2004 SPS Intern
Entry posted February 7, 2007

I am currently at Georgetown University in their Industrial Leadership in Physics Organization (ILPO). The ILPO is an organization for graduate students seeking to become more industry compatible. So far I have been the vice president and president of the organization in past semesters. This semester I am taking a break and studying for my PhD Comp exam that is happening this summer. I live in Arlington and commute into D.C. daily to attend my classes, teach, and do research. This is an incredible place to live and there is always something to do, or go see.

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July 30 , 2004

Last Entry

Well the last entry is finally here (tear). I can't believe that I only have two more days in the city. It really feels like home now and it's gonna be sad to leave. What is not going to be sad or fun is packing everything I've accumulated and getting it all home. I am gonna miss all of the other interns and hope they keep in touch. We've had some really good times and hopefully everyone can meet up sometime in the future.

Everyone gave wonderful presentations last Tuesday. I had some pre-speech jitters, but those were quickly forgotten when I tried to put my sports jacket on and realized I brought my eighth grade graduation jacket and not my nice new one...apparantly I've gained some weight since eighth grade becuase I couldn't even button the jacket. Another icebreaker during my presentation was when Liz gave me the "I heart you" laser pointer to use for displaying some key features in my presentation (Thanks Liz!). The laser pointer made my technical talk a little more amusing than it should have been.

With all the fun distractions going on, the presentations flew by and we were on our way to our last field trip to Brett's place of work, AGU, in what seemed like seconds versus hours. There we got to meet his bosses and see what the American Geophysical Union is all about. It was a good time. All there is left now is to pack, have a few more days of fun, and see everybody off on Wednesday morning at L'Enfant Plaza.

I hope everyone has had as much fun as me. This has been a great experience.



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Date: July 23, 2004


This week was all about getting my powerpoint presentation done for the real deal that is TOMORROW (July 27th)! On Tuesday I gave a crude presentation to my NIST group to get their input on my speech, and I did the same thing with my AIP group on Thursday. Everybody has given me some pointers that I've taken into account on my presentation and I feel it's now a solid presentation, but I'm still nervous to talk in front of a big audience. I'm sure tomorrow morning will be quick and easy though, and everyone looks like they have a really good talk to give judging from the rehearsals on Thursday.

After our talks on Thursday we went to NASA to see what Christine has been up to this summer and to see what NASA is up to in general. It was really cool there. We got to go in their clean room and see what some of their engineers were working on in there. We also go to see a new satellite that will be launching this fall. NASA is a place I would not mind receiving a paycheck from later in life. They get to play with some fun stuff over there, and I'm jealous. That sums up this week. Stay tuned next week for my last full week entry (single tear to the left eye)!


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Date: July 16, 2004

The end is fast approaching

Hey everybody, this last week flew by. The final pressure is starting to build up because our powerpoint presentations for this summer's work are due by noon on Wednesday (yikes!). I've been working on mine for a while now and our weekly meetings here at NIST have been beneficial with all the excel work I did for them. My presentation is coming together fairly smoothly, in fact there is too much to talk about.

We had a group tour of NIST last Thursday where Anthony and I got to show the rest of the crew (minus Heather who was busy) the NIST campus and what we are doing at NIST. They got to see our new buildings and clean room which is all class 100 for those dying to know (aka VERY clean). I think the most fun part of the trip was riding in the elevator in the new clean room building that you could honestly fit an elephant in and still have room to fill. The door to the elevator was about fifteen feet wide to give you a clue as to how big it was.

As far as at work goes, the microprobe station is just not functioning as well as we'd like it to right now. We're doing everything we can to get it down and running so that I can take several measurements before leaving. I might not get them done in time for our presentations on the 27th, but that is not discouraging me from keeping at the station. I am very interested in working with the nanowires and it should be fun. That's all for this entry.

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Date: July 9, 2004

A Bad Week for the Microprobe

The low temperature microprobe was doing great until last Thursday morning. The vertical axis of one of the probes broke. This meant that the whole probe socket had to be taken out of the vacuum apparatus. John (one of my advisors) and I ended up swapping around components of probes to make two functioning low temperature microprobes to work with. We did that this morning (July 12). Now the microprobe station is functioning and it is being housed within the nitrogen box that Anthony and I had previously built. Tomorrow morning I will be doing some touch down runs on samples and then taking some nanowire analysis in the afternoon. We've been working on this probstation for so long that I'm excited to finally be working with the nanowires.

As far as DC itself goes, it has been a fun week riding around on the metro and meeting new people. A fellow intern introduced herself today on the metro. She is from the University of Puerto Rico and we had a lot of fun switching between talking in Spanish and English. I'm minoring in Spanish at school and it is great to have someone to talk with in Spanish and use the language I've been studying for almost eight years. That's all I have for now, but this week looks very promising and hopefully there will be a lot to talk about for next entry. Until then, hasta luego para hoy.

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Date: July 2, 2004

Another Week in DC

Well the 4th of July festivities are now over and done with. I drove home to Dayton (OH) after hearing the wonderful news that government agencies had Monday off. It was nice to have a weekend at home and see all of my friends from home.

The work week went by quickly. Anthony and I are building a sealed "box" to place my low temperature microprobe station into to keep it free from being sensitive to humidity. Along with that, I've been running cool down tests on sample wafers so that everything will run smoothly when the nanowire structure measurements are taken

I have taken some digital pictures here at NIST, but haven't been downloaded them yet onto my computer. I'm hoping to send them in with my next entry.

With all the business of this entry taken care of I think it's time for a side note in saying that last night (July 5th) I managed to drive straight from home to DC with no help whatsoever from a map and with out getting lost. I finally know my way around the city. At first, DC was about as easy to understand as a Griffiths quantum problem (for some fun reading, try David Griffiths "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics"), but now I'm starting to feel right at home here. That's all for this week.

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Date: June 25, 2004

Third Week

This week flew by for some reason. All this week I've been getting my low temperature microprobe station to work at NIST. It finally is getting down to acceptable temperatures (77 Kelvin) to take measurements on the nanowires my boss, Ganesh, is making. I'm starting to get settled in at work and I now feel like I'm part of the "family."

Besides work, I'm also starting to feel at home in DC itself. This is a crazy place to live, but I'm really starting to like it. I love being able to hop on the metro and go anywhere I want with the metro relatively quickly. Anytime I feel bored I can go look at something of historical value or just walk around the George Washinton and Georgetown campuses.

I've had a rough encounter with the George Washington University postal system this week seeing as how they've managed to lose the first package I've had delivered here. They "accidentally" released it to someone who has my same last name. That isn't sitting well with me, but the overall experience as a whole thus far is a very positive one. One screw up by the postal department isn't going to screw up my summer experience here in DC. This is all I have for this week, so stay tuned.

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Date: June 18, 2004

Second Week in DC

This week was a lot of fun. I've been busy setting up my low temperature micro probe station all week trying to get it to go down to 80 degrees kelvin. Tuesday there was a company picnic that Anthony and I went to in the afternoon to meet some of the other people within our NIST division (semi-conductor department). I've been doing a lot of research reading on electro-migration and other fun things that are involved with the nanowire research I'm about to plunge into.

We (the interns) still make a nightly trip to the fashion center area/grocery store at the Pentagon City metro strop almost every night no matter how tired we are from work. It's a fun place to unwind from work and grab some cooked food, which is always nice after a long day and metro ride.

Tomorrow we get to meet up with Gary and Liz at the Smithsonian and I can't wait. It's one of the places I've always wanted to go and spend some quality time at. I'm bringing both of my cameras for the occasion. That's all for this week, stay tuned.


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Date: June 11, 2004

First Week

I arrived at the intern apartments in Washington D.C. a little after 7 on Sunday. I was the last to arrive out of the day and got to immediately meet everyone. After some unpacking we decided to go eat as a group and walked through some of downtown stopping to eat at a nice Italian restaurant. The walk was a very nice way to take in the realization that this huge city is going to be my home for the summer. After dinner everyone finished settling in and went to bed.

Monday morning I had to get up at 7:00 A.M. in order to be ready for the ACP at 8:00 A.M. The metro was the real welcome to D.C. I thought it would be. It s crazy, but efficient. The whole morning and afternoon we got to meet Gary, Liz, Tracy, Jack and a whole slew of other people that work at the ACP building. After meeting everyone at ACP, we split up to go to our respective places of work. Liz drove Anthony and me out to NIST where we got to repeat the tour and introductions procedure again.

We were introduced to our research leaders John and Ganesh (Ganesh being mine). After everything at NIST Anthony and I caught the NIST shuttle to the metro and went back to our apartments. We have an hour and a half commute each way to work, but it s really not that bad because there is plenty of time to wake up and read on the metro.

The rest of the week went smoothly. I fell right into place at work doing some paper research on the processes and techniques we ll be using in our research, and I got my fun federal badge to let me into the NIST buildings and given labs/rooms. I m allowed to where jeans to work and I thoroughly enjoy that. All of the interns are fun and easy to hang out with. We ve already had some good times on the metro carrying our groceries back, and our daily trips to Pentagon City for things we forgot to pack or simply need are priceless. I think this is going to be a very fun summer. That s it for this week.

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