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2003 SPS National Interns
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Melissa Hanafee Melissa Hanafee
Purdue University, IN

Internship: ComPADRE Student Collection


My name is Melissa Joy Hanafee, and I'm a graduating senior from Purdue University. I started out in aerospace engineering before transferring my major to physics, but I've done a few internships for both majors. My main science interests are in astrophysics and environmental science. (They're not so far apart - many of the technologies we use to clean/preserve the environment were invented at NASA for astronauts in a closed environment! :-) )

My boyfriend (of 3.5 years and going strong) is Nathan Cooper, also a graduating senior, whose interests are in nuclear physics. I have a strong interest in Asian culture, especially in the areas of philosophy/ religion and martial arts. In addition to training in bujinkan budo taijutsu, I like to bike, swim and lift weights. Otherwise I can often be found reading, talking with new people or just out exploring.

- Melissa


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