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2013 Marsh W. White Outreach Awards

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Marsh W. White The following SPS chapters have been granted Marsh W. White Outreach Awards to help fund their outreach projects during the coming academic year. Marsh W. White Awards are made to SPS chapters "to support projects designed to promote interest in physics among students and the general public."
Award details...

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  Left to Right: Elizabeth Carlisle, Spenser Lynn, and Andrew Miller.

Abilene Christian University

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) Public Outreach Videos

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report mouseVideo

The LIGO collaboration is in need of public outreach projects to better communicate the collaboration's goals and mission. The ACU-SPS chapter has previously assisted with this need by making a short video that explained special relativity to a general audience. We now seek to expand upon past efforts and create a new video that will explain General Relativity.

Principal Proposers: Spenser Lynn, Andrew Miller, Andrew Boles, Elizabeth Carlisle, Kyle Bowling, James Mallon, & Lacy Medlock.
Faculty Advisors: Timothy Head, PhD; Michael Daugherity, PhD

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  Left to Right: Ryan Corbin, Hans Berghoff, Sharon Rosell (advisor), John Pitts, Trevor Taylor, Anthony Douse, Addison Wenger, Jordache Richardson, Andrew Kerr, Richard Grist, Christopher Pearce

Central Washington University

Using Water Rockets to Launch Interest in Physics

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

The Central Washington University chapter of the Society of Physics Students is interested in creating a new informal education program for local schools. The event would be targeted at students in grades 6-12, focusing on the design and construction of rockets made from soda bottles, water, and other common items.

Principal Proposer: Ryan Corbin
Chapter Advisor: Sharon Rosell

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  William & Mary
  From left to right: Tom Lever, Jeni Hackett, Sara Williams, Elana Urbach, Reed Beverstock, Tim Milbourne, Wil Bergan, & Josh Hill.

College of William & Mary

Demos in the Sun

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

Demos in the Sun is the first in a yearly series of spring outreach events aimed at non-physics students at the college. It will consist of a series of outdoor physics demonstrations designed to inspire interest in the field. This year's theme, "To Infinity and Beyond," will feature demos highlighting kinematics, propulsion, rocketry, and other exciting areas of physics.

Principal Proposers: William Bergan, Reed Beverstock, Jennifer Hackett, Joshua Hill, Tom Lever, Tim Milbourne, Elana Urbach, & Sara Williams
Faculty Advisors: Professor Irina Novikova, Professor Seth Aubin

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  Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines

Partnerships in Physics IV: An Exciting Catapult Outreach Project

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

Partners in Physics is a fun two-weekend outreach event, aimed at reaching students of all ages. For the first weekend, middle and high school students are taught about catapults and projectile motion. Then for the second weekend, SPS and our "Partners in Physics," the middle and high schoolers, come back and teach elementary students the basics of catapults and how to build their own small catapults to take home.

Principal Proposers: Linnea Jones & Michael Slater
Faculty Advisor: Chuck Stone

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  Cleveland State University
  SPS members helping out at Physics Club.

Cleveland State University

Physics Club: Investigating Phases at Campus International School

Project ProposalProject Proposal Project ProposalFinal Report

The Cleveland State University (CSU) SPS Chapter would use a Marsh W. White award to continue and expand the Physics Club outreach program begun two years ago. The Physics Club will continue to meet every month for after-school sessions at Cleveland Campus International School.

Principal Proposer: Chris Mentrek
Faculty Advisor: Kiril A. Streletzky

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Drexel University

Physics Carnival

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

The Drexel University Society of Physics Students intends to create a physics carnival outreach program to teach middle and high school students about the underlying physics behind a carnival. We will present this event at several schools, the Kaczmarczik Lecture Open House, and the Philadelphia Science Festival.

Principal Proposers: Robyn Smith, Nick Suiennik, & Badri Karthikeyan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Luis Cruz Cruz

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  Eastern Michigan
  From left to right: Justin Hodges & Steven Schultz

Eastern Michigan University

Annual Physics Building Competition

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

To begin an annual building competition for introductory physics students to become more involved in the department and to gain hands-on experience. The competition would use a microcontroller to run a system built by the students and judged by seniors. Winners would get recognition at an annual honors event.

Principal Proposer: Steven Schultz
Chapter Advisor: Dave Pawlowski

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  Foreground (L to R): Leo Osornio, Roxana Ramos, Brooke Haag, (far right) Tito Polo. Background: Hartnell College physics club.

Hartnell College

Hartnell College Physics Olympics

Project Report mouseFinal Report

The Hartnell College physics club annually hosts the Hartnell Physics Olympics, which has been a popular event for over thirty years, on a Thursday in April. This year we plan to expand our event by including an additional Physics Olympics, on the following weekend, for SPS chapters and colleges in Zone 18.

Principal Proposers: Lee Osornio & Roxana Ramos
Faculty Advisor: Brooke Haag

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  Indiana Wesleyan
  From left to right: Dr. Roberto Ramos, Robert Burchell, Jacob Kellner, & Josh Ostrander

Indiana Wesleyan University

Physics Outreach using Modern Medical Physics

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

The Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) SPS chapter proposes to promote physics among pre-college and college students, and citizens of rural Marion, Indiana through a community outreach event focusing on how physics impacts modern medicine. The event features stimulating, hands-on demo stations that mix modern physics with real-world medical physics technologies.

Principal Proposers: Robert Burchell, Joshua Ostrander, Jacob Kellner, & Amanda Wolfe
Faculty Advisor: Roberto Ramos

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  Back Row, L to R: Jake Magness, Mark Sellers; Middle Row, L to R: Alec Lindman, Morgan Smathers, Stefan McCarty; Front Row: Josephy McPherson

Rhodes College

Physics Extravaganza at Rites to Play

mouseProject Proposal mouseFinal Report

Rhodes College SPS will coordinate and implement a Physics Extravaganza in conjunction with the established Rites to Play festival at Rhodes College in order to increase interest in science among young elementary and middle school students. The goal of the Physics Extravaganza will be to encourage an interest in science and a positive attitude towards learning in young Memphis students.

Principal Proposers: Morgan Smathers, Joseph McPherson, Alec Lindman, Jake Magness, Stefan McCarty, & Mark Sellers
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brent Hoffmeister

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  Sonoma State

Left to Right: Jack Horowitz, Amandeep Gill, Travis Pappa

Sonoma State

Elementary Electromagnetism in Action!

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

The SSU SPS chapter would like to go to a fourth grade class room in a local school to inspire and help educate students in the physical sciences, using a hands-on approach. We wish to show the primary school children the fun and exciting nature of magnetism. Finally we would like the children to take away an important lesson with them as well as get them motivated to try experiments at home, using lessons and materials given to them in class.

Principal Proposers: Jack Horowitz, Travis Pappa, & Amandeep Gill
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Hongtao Shi

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  University of Louisville
  Back (Left to Right): Jared Keown, Dr. James Lauroesch, Matthew Nichols, Austin Gornet
Front (L to R): Richard Judge, Stacie Curran, Sarah Pagan, Jason Thieman

University of Louisville

Updating a Display Case

PSU ReportProject Proposal mouseFinal Report

The University of Louisville’s chapter requests $300 to purchase materials to update a departmental display case. The case represents a form of outreach to the university community and includes interactive exhibits for students of varying physics backgrounds. Updates include new equipment, new backdrop cloth, and security locks to protect materials.

Principal Proposer: Matthew T. Nichols
Faculty Advisor: Dr. James T. Lauroesch

  University of Southern Mississippi
  Amanda Palchak

University of Southern Mississippi

Hubfest: Physics Outreach Day for Mississippi's Pine Belt Community

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

Over the years, the Society of Physics Students chapter at USM has participated in a plethora of different outreach activities at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. We would like to expand our target audience to the entire Hattiesburg, Mississippi community and surrounding cities, known as the Pine Belt.

Principal Proposer: Amanda Palchak
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alina Gearba

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  UT Dallas

Left to Right: Kristen Genter, Sung Lee, Joe Coleman & Prof. Jason Slinker

University of Texas at Dallas

Rocket Competition: Physicists Versus Engineers

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

UTD's Society of Physics Students proposes to host a friendly rocket competition to engage students and the public to the wonder of rocket science. The goal is to encourage creative
thinking to design a typical homemade rocket for performance, to engage the public with a lecture and the competition itself. The performance of the rockets will be based on height, range
and design.

Principal Proposers: Joe Coleman, Kristen Genter, & Alison Lee
Faculty Advisor: Jason Slinker

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  University of Wisconsin


University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

High in the Sky: An Elementary Physics Project

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

A tried and true method of inspiring a love for science is by exposing young students to the cooler aspects of the sciences. To accomplish this, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse chapter is requesting funding for our chapter to complete a highaltitude balloon project, the story and results of which will be shared with local elementary school students.

Principal Proposer: Andrew Prudhom
Faculty Advisor: Eric Gansen

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  UW Platteville

Alex Ostrowski, Eric Meyer, Chris Beckman, Trent Cybela, Rachel Selk, Patrick Garity, Holly Schoenberg, Nick Christopherson, Timothy Windorff, Jeff Mann, Nick Jorgensen, Jake Ellenberger, Taylor Keesler, Jake Padley, Zen Abbey

University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Physics is Phantastic Phunshop 2013

MouseProject Proposal mouseFinal Report

The UW-Platteville Society of Physics Students is hosting our 13th Annual Physics is Phantastic Phunshop. This event will take place early November and invites 5th and 6th grade students from 25 area schools to spend a day participating in physics workshops and demonstrations. This coming year we plan to incorporate stored energy and the conversions of energy into our event.

Principal Proposer: Holly Schoenberg
Faculty Advisor: Duane Faust

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