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2013 Future Faces of Physics Awards

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Marsh W. White The following SPS chapters have been granted Future Faces of Physics Awards to help fund their outreach projects during the coming academic year. Future Faces of Physics Awards are made to SPS chapters "to to support projects designed to promote physics across cultures." The goal of the Future Faces of Physics Awards program is to promote the recruitment and retention of groups historically underrepresented in physics.

Award details...

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  Angelo State
  Left to Right: Mrs. Sherry Hall, Dustin Thivierge, Dr. Hardin Dunham, David To, Blake McCracken, James Anderson, Jeremy Johnson, Mrs. Susan Staha, Ms. Kristen Shirley

Angelo State University

ALPHAS: Alta Loma Peers Helping the Advancement of Science

Project Proposal | MouseFinal Report

The goal of this outreach program is to use peer instruction to help a local elemetary school increase student knowledge and performance on science objectives. Science teachers will identify deficiencies and the local SPS will work to create interactive lessons which they will then help teach at the school.

Principal Proposers: Blake McCracken, David To, James Anderson, Olivia Popnoe, Dustin Thivierge, Jeremy Johnson
Faculty Advisor: Hardin Dunham, Ph.D

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  Drexel University
  Left to Right: Robyn Smith, Wendy Harris, and Nick Sukiennik

Drexel University

Engaging Girls in Physics: Expanding Horizons through Outreach to All-Girls Schools

Project Proposal | MouseFinal Report

The Drexel University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students focuses on public outreach. In order to encourage more women to pursue physics, we propose to create three types of outreach events: one for middle school girls, one for high school girls, and a workshop at the 2013 CATALYST Conference.

Principal Proposers: Wendy Harris, Robyn Smith, Nicholas Sukiennik
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Luis Cruz Cruz

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  Indiana Wesleyan University
  Left to Right: Dr. Roberto Ramos, Robert Burchell, Jacob Kellner, & Josh Ostrander

Indiana Wesleyan University

Physics Outreach to Minority and Under-represented Middle School Kids in Rural North Central Indiana

Project Proposal | MouseFinal Report

The Indiana Wesleyan University chapter of SPS will reach out to the rural community of North Central Indiana to stimulate interest in physics-based careers among middle schoolers from minority and financially disadvantaged groups. A physics demo and career event will be organized through the local Boys and Girls club.

Principal Proposer: Robert Burchell, Joshua Ostrander
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Roberto Ramos

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Front (L to R): Dr. Willie Rockward, Joshua Mann, Julian Pilate-Hutcherson, Andrew Peterson
Back (L to R): Kofi Christie, Christopher Cumberbatch, Lawrence Jacob, Dr. Aakut Bak

Morehouse College

Physics in the Phlesh: Project Ruben's Tube

MouseProject Proposal | MouseFinal Report

The purpose of the Physics in the Phlesh community engagement initiative will be to provide individualized mentoring and exposure to young sutdents of Atlanta's lower-income communities who may be considering a career in science, especially those with an interest in physics or engineering.

Principal Proposers: Andrew Peterson, Keith Hobson, Chinua McDonald
Chapter Advisor: Willie Rockward

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Left to Right: Lucas Anderson, Mark Russel, Collin Timmons, Cassandra Lindsey, Jessica Casas, Jeffin James, and Thomas Frenzel.

Stephen F. Austin State University

SPS Brings Physics to the Solid Foundation

mouseProject Proposal | MouseFinal Report

The SPS Chapter of Stephen F. Austin State University will provide a lecture series to the Solid Foundation Association of Nacogdoches. The Solid Foundation Association is a place for at risk students to come after school. Our SPS group will visit the Foundation once a month, starting in November, and present in house demos and explanations of all demos.

Principal Proposer: Thomas Frenzel, Jeffin James, Cassandra Lindsey, Jessica Casas
Chapter Advisor: Ali Piran

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Back row: Emily Wilson, James Williamson
Front row: Amanda Palchak, Grant Tingstrom, Kinsey Zarske, Abigail Jacobson, Alyece Willoughby

University of Southern Mississippi
Continuing the Mentoring Program for the First Year, First Generation Physics Students

Project Proposal | MouseFinal Report

Continuing the "Mentoring Program for First Year, First Generation Physics Students," is a three-fold mentoring program to be completed by our SPS chapter upon receiving the "Future Faces of Physics Award" from the Society of Physics Students National Organization. The mentoring program addresses and solves the issues first generation physics students come across during their frrst year in college. Almost half of all frrst generation physics majors at the University of Southern Mississippi change their field of study after their frrst year in the physics program. This loss is the result of a lack of high school physics courses and an inability to cope with both calculus and calculus based physics courses in college. "Creating a Mentoring Program for First Year, First Generation Physics Students" was a program that the Society of Physics Students began last spring in order to recruit and retain this specific group of physics students. Given the limited time we had with last year's program, we will be continuing the mentoring program throughout this entire academic year with three main goals, one of which would be possible through funding provided by the 2013 "Future Faces of Physics Award."

Principal Proposer: Amanda Palchak
Chapter Advisor: Alina Gearba

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