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2012 Marsh W. White Outreach Awards
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Marsh W. White The following SPS chapters have been granted Marsh W. White Outreach Awards to help fund their outreach projects during the coming academic year. Marsh W. White Awards are made to SPS chapters "to support projects designed to promote interest in physics among students and the general public."
Award details...

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  Angelo State University
  Back Row, Left to Right: Andrew Angle, David To, Blake McCracken, Olivia Popnoe, Vikesh Desai, Emily Hendryx

Angelo State University

P.A.S.S. (Physics After School Special)

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

The Angelo State SPS will team up with the local YMCA after school program to provide fun lab experiences for the diverse group of 2nd-5th graders. The afterschool group will visit the campus for three hands-on lab experiences and finish the program with a fourth visit for a Peer Pressure Team demonstration show and PASS PARTY. The goal of this public engagement is to motivate these young students to learn more about physics with hands-on activities in a fun and safe enviornment.

Principal Proposers: Kaleb Gilbert, Mart Diaz, & Ethan Gully
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Toni Sauncy

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  Central Washington University
  Left to right: Halli Forsman, Sharon Rosell, Colby Neal, Matthew Ingham, Hans Berghoff, Ryan Corbin, Richard Grist, & Rolf Minton.

Central Washington University

Physics Laser Show Additions

Project Proposal Final Report

The Physics Department of Central Washington University does physics demonstrations and laser shows for the local community. Each year, since the fall 2008, the students add something to the laser show. This year the SPS members are rewiring laser pointers to external power and switch boxes and constructing a spirograph.

Principal Proposer: Rolf Minton
Chapter Advisor: Sharon Rosell

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  Clevevland State University
  From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Chris Mentrek, Michael Hardin, Joe D'Alessandro, Lindsay Stanceu, Kaitlin Vandemark, Krista Freeman, Dr. Kiril Streletzky, Kapil Mishra, Andreea Sandu, Katie Beerer, and Jim Pitchford

Cleveland State University

Finding Forces: Exploring Our World at Campus International School

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

In January 2011 our chapter established, with the help of the 2010 Marsh W. White Award, an outreach program with a local public elementary school. Our chapter proposes to enhance and expand its new outreach program by continuing current monthly after-school physics lessons and, beginning in January 2012, offering monthly lunch-time Physics Club during regular school hours for interested students.

Principal Proposers: Krista Freeman, Chris Mentrek
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Kiril Streletzky

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  Photo Coming Soon
  Left to Right: Sajjan Mehta, Wendy Harris and Jeremy Gaison

Drexel University

Slowing Down the World with a High-Speed Camera for Middle and High School Students

Project Proposal Final Report

The Drexel University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students proposes to develop a high-speed camera demonstration to bring to middle school and high school classrooms. We plan to show the students slow motion video footage to teach them about the world and various physical processes in it in a way they have never seen before.

Principal Proposers: Jeremy Gaison, Wendy Harris, & Sajjan Mehta
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Luis Cruz

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  Coming Soon

Grambling State University

Physics Field Day with Hot Air Balloons

Project ProposalProject Proposal

Our outreach program endeavors to stimulate interest in physics and science among 9th and 10th grade high school students. Students will build and launch their very own hot air balloon while supervised by club members and faculty. Students will learn the physics principles in flying hot air balloons in a hands-on fashion.

Principal Proposers: Verne Edward, Lintus Prospere, Grace Joseph, & Kazim Abott
Chapter Advisors: Mr. Lee Britt

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  Hartnell University
  Left to Right: Tito Polo, Kayla Vuong, Jose Rico, Jaime DeAnda, & Brooke Haag

Hartnell College

Hartnell College Physics Olympics

Project Proposal Final Report

The Hartnell College physics club presents the Hartnell Physics Olympics in April, a popular event for over thirty years. We plan to expand our event offerings to include outdoor demonstrations. From barrel crushing to rocket launching, we will invite Hartnell’s Rockets and Robotics club to participate for the first time.

Principal Proposers: Mrugesh Patel, Jose Rico
Faculty Advisor: Brooke Haag, Tito Polo

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  Clockwise from Bottom Left: Eric Ivie, Marcella Edgley, Steve Shropshire, Cody Stock, Chris Eckman, James Wilson, Dallan Duffin, and Jason Stock.

Idaho State University

Science Day in the Mall

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report mouseNewspaper article

Our SPS would like to put together a Science Day at our local mall.  The activity will provide the community with demonstrations that exhibit basic principles of electricity, magnetism, and states of matter.  We would like to have this event on Saturday, April 7, 2012. 

Principal Proposers: Marcella Edgley & Jason Stock
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Steve Shropshire

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  Indiana Wesleyan University
  Left to Right: Kyle Varoskovic, Leah Bush, Kelsey Davitt, Carli Riester, Angela Garriott, Robert Burchell, Alicia Horst, Adam Wroughton, Andrew Demski, and Dr. Roberto Ramos .

Indiana Wesleyan University

Fun with Real-World Physics: An Outreach Event

Project Report mouseFinal Report

The Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) chapter proposes to engage the citizens and pre-college students of Marion, Indiana and the IWU college community, using visually-stimulating and hands-on physics demonstrations. Outreach will consist of interactive physics stations. The goal is to generate enthusiastic interest in physics and increase scientific literacy.

Principal Proposers: Abner Rivera, Alicia Horst, Angela Garriott, & Adam Wroughton
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Roberto Ramos

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  Marquette University
  Left to Right: Mike Osterman, Peter Bolgert, Kyle Kimminau, Erin Kaprelian, & Justin Provance

Marquette University

Music from the Ether: Building an Analog Theremin

Project Proposal Final Report

Marquette Physics Club will build a Theremin, an electronic musical instrument which produces a distinctive, spooky sound.  We plan to hold interactive sessions with neighboring middle and high schools, stimulating student interest in electronics and the physics of sound.  The Theremin will also be used in several of Marquette’s physics courses.

Principal Proposers: Peter Bolgert, Abigail Searfoss, Kyle Kimminau, Maia Luthi
Chapter Advisor: Benjamin Brown & Andrew Kunz

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  Left to Right: Klaus Garcia, Joey McPherson, Morgan Smathers, Nick Brydon, Emily Cowie, James Wilson, Jake Magness, Alec Lindman, Rigelle Tran, Becca Miller, & Brad Hensley.

Rhodes College

Mini Science Carnival at Rites to Play

mouseProject Proposal mouseFinal Report

Rhodes College SPS will coordinate and implement a Mini Science Carnival in conjunction with the established Rites to Play festival at Rhodes College in order to increase interest in science among elementary and middle school students. The goal of the Mini Science Carnival will be to encourage an interest in science and a positive attitude towards learning in Memphis students.

Principal Proposers: Stephanie Milazzo, Evan Nelsen, Rebecca Miller, Morgan Smathers, Joseph McPherson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brent Hoffmeister

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  Rollins College

Front Row, From Left: Casey Barker, Emma Broming, Nikki Etchenique, Adi Mahara
Back Row, From Left: Alfredo Negron-Rivera, Mitch Verboncoeur, Brandon August, Lisa Duemmling

Rollins College

Science and Mathematics Night at Fern Creek Elementary School

Project Proposal Final Report

The local elementary school in the Winter Park area, Fern Creek Elementary, is a school filled with low-income and at-risk children, many of whom are considered homeless or in poverty. Each year the school hosts a "Science and Mathematics Night" in which science majors from Rollins host a table to educate and entertain the children.

Principal Proposer: Brandon August
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Christopher R. Fuse

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  Trinity College
  Left to Right: John Bower, Adam Katcher, Lorenzo Sewanan, Steve Petkovsek, Brandon Clary

Trinity College

Trinity College (Fourth) Annual Physics Fair

PSU ReportProject Proposal mouseFinal Report

One of the main stated goals of the Society of Physics Students is to be involved with outreach to those who may be interested in pursuing physics and science in general in the local community. For the SPS at Trinity, this goal is particularly relevant, as we are situated in an urban setting ideal to reach out to large numbers of under-privileged students. We seek to buoy what we see as an inadequate science curriculum in the inner city and generate excitement in physics. For the last three years, we have held a city-wide Physics Science Fair for local middle school students. This program has been very successful, as students who participated have come back to participate again in subsequent years. Based on this success we anticipate another, larger Physics Fair to be held on March 15, 2012.

Principal Proposers: Lorenzo Sewanan, Steve Petkovesk, & Brandon Clary
Chapter Advisor: David Branning, Ph.D.

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  Coming Soon
  Blake Rowedder with an optical trap

University of Minnesota

Mystery Science Room

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

The University of Minnesota hosts an annual Math and Science Family Fun Fair that attracts thousands of people with the goal of getting them interested in math and science. Our chapter is running the “Mystery Science Room”, a part of the fair where kids can see physics in action through interactive demos. We propose to use funds to build more sophisticated demos for future years.

Principal Proposers: Blake Rowedder, Chris Storino, & Zijun Chen
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daniel Cronin-Hennessy

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  Utah State University

Front Row, From Left: Melanie Brady, Amanda Palchak, Alyece Willoughby
Back Row, From Left: Austin Andries, Charles Young, Tyler Reese

University of Southern Mississippi

Physics Outreach Day for the Laurel, Mississippi Home Education Community

Project Proposal Final Report

Over the years, the Society of Physics Students chapter at USM has participated in a plethora of different outreach activities at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  This year, our goal is to continue with our outreach at all levels while addressing the needs of the home school community.

Principal Proposer: Amanda Palchak
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Alina Gearba

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  University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Front Row, From Left: Marissa Wildeck, Holly Schoenberg, Julia Schneider, Veronique Cole, Rachel Selk, Will Knox.
Back Row, From Left: Melissa Weller, Patrick Garity, Ben King, Duane Foust, Nick Jorgensen, Simon Galica, Timothy Windorff

University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Physics is Phantastic Phunshop

Project Proposal mouseFinal Report

The UW-Platteville Society of Physics Students is hosting our Annual Physics is Phantastic Phunshop. This event will take place mid October and invites 5th and 6th grade students from 25 area schools to spend a day participating in physics workshops and demonstrations. This coming year we plan to incorporate propulsion and momentum into our event.

Principal Proposer: Julia Schneider
Faculty Advisor: Duane Foust

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