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2011 Outstanding SPS Chapters
Chapters listed in no particular order within the zone. Comments provided by Zone Councilors & Associate Zone Councilors.

Zone 1
Gordon College
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Mount Holyoke
Trinity College
Zone 2
Adelphi University

Adelphi has varied activities, outreach, and SPS National interaction.

Cornell University

Cornell is a highly active club on and off campus, including co-hosting a Zone Meeting.

Ithaca College

Ithaca hosted a wonderfully successful Zone Meeting and is very active in SPS National Programs.

Rensselear Polytechnic Institute

Rensselear is a very active club with strong campus interactions.

University of Rochester

Great interaction in SPS National programs and strong outreach activities.

Zone 3
Drexel University
Juniata College
Pennsylvania State University
Rowan University
Saint Peter's College
Zone 4
Virginia Tech
Randolph College
Towson University
Zone 5
Davidson College
North Carolina State University
University of North Carolina at Asheville
Zone 6
Florida Institute of Technology
Morehouse College
University of Florida
Zone 7
Cleveland State University
Cleveland State had a very impressive list of activities they did at SPS Chapter meetings. Their Dangerously Daring Demo Day sounded especially fun and exciting, and showcased some great physics at work!
Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University is a vibrant chapter actively engaged in all aspects of scholarship and service.

Grove City College

Grove City College is certainly committed to keeping their students involved with the greater physics community.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor had a huge list of speakers at the biweekly chapter meetings.

Excellent and extensive outreach efforts.

Zone 8
Indiana University Bloomington
Morehead State University
University of Louisville
University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Zone 9
Augustana College
This chapter is able to boast not just an impressive list of on campus events, but also gets off campus sometimes to spread the joy of science with the surrounding community.
Benedictine University

Benedictine SPS has great unique activities to encourage non physics majors to get interested in SPS, especially their Murder Mystery Activity!

Benedictine University's SPS Chapter held a banquet that featured many SPS alumni and SPS parents who were able to see nearly all of Benedictine's SPS members present the results of their undergraduate research endeavors.

Illinois Institute of Technology

IIT has a small, close-knit chapter, which allows them to achieve a sense of unity that is sometimes hard to find in larger schools.

IIT doesn't let having a small physics program slow them down. It's great to see a club have hands on projects and trips to get students involved.

Michigan Technological University

This chapter makes a great push to keep alumni involved, while still looking towards the future and actively recruiting new members.

"Our major is not easy, and we work together in order to make the times more fun, as Physics is our passion, and though it can be frustrating at times, we want nothing more than for our students to want to get a career in Physics."

University of Wisconsin La Crosse
I see at UWLC an exciting spirit of inquiry into cutting edge physics and engineering.
University of Wisconsin River Falls
This is a very exciting and active group, involved in a wide range of activities. This is an example of how an SPS chapter can, in fact, be all things to all people.
Zone 10
Henderson State University
Henderson State deserves recognition for their extensive outreach activities...and for their commitment to involve other Arkansas Chapters in SPS-related activites.
Rhodes College
By far the most creative chapter in the Zone, Rhodes College deserves recognition for continuing to be extremely active on campus events and outreach, and for student participation in several professional meetings.
University of Southern Mississippi
USM has hosted a Nobel laureate, as well as had exceptional involvement in SPS National Programs and outreach in their local community.
Zone 11
Augustana College
Augustana has great High School Outreach
Coe College
Coe has excellent activities in all areas, including a Playground of Science as a wonderful outreach activity.
University of Northern Iowa
They have strong alumni interaction and great inner city tutoring.
Zone 12
William Jewell College
East Central University
Excellent interaction with alumni!
Truman State University
Truman State held a lot of local meetings, and had great interaction with SPS National!
University of Missouri Kansas City
Their outreach program incorporates a lot of demos, and their YouTube channel has one video with over 11,000 hits! They also maintain an excellent website.
Zone 13
Angelo State University
Abilene Christian University
Stephen F. Austin State University
University of Houston
Zone 14
Colorado School of Mines
CSM SPS is an extraordinary chapter with their great outreach events, involvement on campus, and encouraging their members to become active in the professional physics community.
Colorado Mesa University

CMU SPS has an impressive arsenal of demos that has made them an exciting part of their campus community.

Colorado Mesa SPS members are not shy when it comes to making noise...their on-campus demonstration program features imploding 55-gallon drums, liquid nitrogen cannons, pumpkin drops, and "soda fountain" geysers!

Zone 15
Idaho State University
Idaho State did a great job thinking of ways to make physics fun for everyone.
Utah State University
Utah State hosted the biggest public science events of any SPS chapter in the nation.
Zone 16
Northern Arizona University
University of Texas at El Paso
Zone 17
Central Washington University
The Evergreen State College
Green River Community College
Portland State University
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Zone 18
California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
California State University Fresno
California State University Sacramento
California State University Stanislaus


Selection Criteria

SPS Outstanding Chapters, selected by Zone Councilors and Associate Zone Councilors, are determined by carefully reviewing the information, photos and supporting material presented in the annual Chapter Reports.

Criteria include:

  • The chapter's involvement in local, zone and national SPS meetings and other professional meetings
  • Participation in SPS programs
  • Outreach efforts to the grades K-12 or the general public
  • Participation in community service
  • Contributions to student recruitment and retention
  • Participation in social events, and
  • Interactions with the department's alumni
Mesa State College engaging in tug-of-war
Colorado Mesa University Students engage in a game of tug-of-war

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, this is the chapter I would throw my lot in with. -On Colorado Mesa University

Grove City Students at a picnic
Grove City College Physics Club Christmas Party with the annual reading of Olive the Other Reindeer by member Jennifer Hansen.

By far the most socially active chapter in [Zone 7]. -On Grove City College

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