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2007 Blake Lilly Prize Recipients
Recognizing SPS chapters and individuals who make a genuine effort to positively influence the attitudes of school children and the general public about physics. Established by the parents of the late Blake Lilly and given in his memory

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Angelo State University
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Program Report

In May of 2006, the Angelo State University Peer Pressure Team took a week-long road trip to rural West Texas hoping spreading an interest in science to grade-school children, with a focus on the under-represented demographic. The goal was to provide excitement and enhance attitudes about science in general with a focus on encouragement. We traveled to Sterling City, Garden City, Greenwood, Rankin, Balmorhea, Marfa, and Alpine, Texas (with a round trip mileage of 647 miles). The audiences ranged from late elementary school to high school, though most of the shows were performed for middle school students.

California State University—Chico


Program Report

The California State University, Chico, chapter of SPS has consistently made physics outreach a priority when choosing our activities and projects. We believe that outreach activities for K-12 students are an important part of promoting both physics and general science. We hope that our chapter's positive and encouraging interactions with young students will inspire them to consider a science related field of study or employment. Our three primary outreach activities are the annual Pumpkin Drop, judging the community Science Fair, and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Chico. Our activities are primarily directed at the K-12 students in or around the Chico community. We feel that it is never too early to help children gain a sense of wonder for the world around us and to dispel the notion that science is 'uncool.'

Rowan University


Program Report

Rowan University's Chapter of SPS has continued to expand its outreach program over the past two years. Last fall, the chapter planned a successful trip to Glassboro High School to provide one full day of what we called "Physics Phun." We demonstrated optics, electricity and magnetism, sound waves, and the law of conservation of momentum to four different class periods. Near the end of the spring semester, we visited Clearview High School, but this time instead of individual classes, all 80 Clearview students taking physics came for a single assembly.

Texas State University


Program Report

Our chapter was honored with a Marsh W. White award this year, which we used to fund the physics projects of the Hernandez Intermediate School 5th graders for the "Discover Nature" contest in Austin, TX, held on March 24, 2007. The 5th grade teacher Ms. Butler accounted to the chapter that the her class was the "hit" of the event.

The College of Wooster


Program Report

The College of Wooster has a strong outreach program which focuses on elementary school students in the surrounding area. Approximately ten to fifteen times a year, several physics students drive to a local elementary school and give a presentation on one of several topics. Our current demonstrations include forces and motion, air pressure, and electricity and magnetism.

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