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2004 Blake Lilly Prize Recipients
Recognizing SPS chapters and individuals who make a genuine effort to positively influence the attitudes of school children and the general public about physics. Established by the parents of the late Blake Lilly and given in his memory

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University of Louisville

"University of Louisville SPS Outreach"

Program Report

The SPS Outreach Committee at the University of Louisville (UofL) has a single mission: to do everything in our power to generate interest in the pursuit of science in the community that we live in, especially among K-12 students. Through demonstrations of physics experiments in a relaxed and openly interactive environment, we strive to demonstrate to these students that physics is fun. Our focus on this generation of future scientists is prompted by the belief that without new minds there will be no new ideas. In this way our goals are not so much selfless as they are selfish, in that we believe that we need these future physicists far more than they need us.

Marquette University

"Marquette University SPS: Reaching Out to Others"

Program Report

During the 2003-2004 academic year, Marquette University's (MU) chapter of the Society of Physics Students has participated in three activities that profoundly impacted young physics students.

First, we took three telescopes out on multiple nights and opened them to the public. Second, a couple of our students judged a local K-8 science fair. Our third and largest activity was an interactive trebuchet demonstration for the younger siblings of Marquette University students.

St. Mary's University

"Traveling Physics Show"

Program Report

This year our chapter put together a traveling physics show for the first time and it has taken off very well. Some of our demonstrations include flowers, balloons, bananas and racquet and tennis balls in liquid nitrogen, Van de Graff generator demonstrations, sound waves, sound in space (or lack thereof), Wimshurst Machine demonstrations and many more. Throughout our presentations we ask students questions to see what they already know about the topic. Once we are sure they have an understanding of the topic we ask them questions while we set up other experiments.

University of Tennessee—Knoxville

"Detection of Cosmic Rays in East Tennessee"

Program Report

To promote university student involvement in research, as well as outreach efforts with local high schools, the University of Tennessee Department of Physics and Astronomy has launched TECOP, the Tennessee Cosmic ray Observatory Project. A collaborative effort involving Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the UT Society of Physics Students, TECOP's goal is to build a university community partnership by placing cosmic ray detectors in area high schools. High school students will assemble the detectors and analyze the collected data with assistance from UT's undergraduate physics students. The UT Physics Department will compile and further analyze the collected data.


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