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SPS-Galileoscope Program for SPS Chapters

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GalileoscopeImagine doing great outreach and raising money for your chapter all at the same time! SPS National has teamed up with the Galileoscope team to offer SPS chapters a new outreach and fundraising opportunity: To sell high quality replicas of the instrument that Galileo used at a reduced price and still make a profit.

With Galileoscopes, people can follow the orbits of Jupiter’s satellites just as Galileo did—backyard astronomy has never been this fun or accessible! This program is based on three main ideas:

  1. The Galileoscope project delivers high quality, low cost telescope kits perfect for education programs and backyard stargazing.
  2. These scopes are great for educational group activities, as well as individual use.
  3. Selling Galileoscopes is a great way to take what you love and bring it to the public in an accessible way, while raising money to support SPS chapter activities.

GalileoScopesFundraising Details

The SPS Galileoscope fundraiser follows the “Girl Scout cookie” model:

  • Participating SPS chapters receive a Galileoscope to use as a sales sample, along with order forms.
  • Chapters collect orders and payments and submit their orders to the SPS National Office.
  • Chapters receive a shipment of Galileoscopes and deliver them to customers.

Cost Details

  • $180: The cost per case of Galileoscopes (includes six individual telescope units); chapters must submit orders in increments of cases.
  • $40: The cost at which SPS chapters sell Galileoscopes. This is at least $10 less than in stores or on AmazonTM!!
  • The profit an SPS chapter makes per case of Galileoscopes sold. Only 10 cases (60 telescopes) nets a chapter $600!


  • For fall 2013 orders
    December 1, 2013 – Deadline for chapters to
    submit orders to SPS National
    December 15, 2013 – Galileoscopes arrive on
    campus, chapters deliver to buyers
  • For spring 2014 orders
    April 15, 2014 – Deadline for chapters to submit
    orders to SPS National
    May 1, 2014 – Galileoscopes arrive on campus,
    chapters deliver to buyers

Ideas for selling to individuals

Remember: Chapters will have to deliver the scopes that they sell, so stay local if possible.

  • Take orders during public astronomy programs.
    Set up a Galilesocope and take orders during a viewing night! Or even during the day with a sun filter!
  • Be visible at community events.
    Sell Galileoscopes during local festivals, farmers markets, science cafes, or family nights at community centers.
  • Advertise on campus.
    Set up a table near the cafeteria or another busy spot on campus and offer faculty members and students the chance to purchase a Galilescope at the discounted price.

Selling to educational groups

Let group leaders know that there are lots of educational resources available on the Galileoscope website, http://galileoscope.org, including lesson plans, activities, observing guides.

  • Reach out to educational community groups.
    Both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have astronomy programs approach local troops and similar groups about purchasing some Galileoscopes to use on their camping trips and in their badge programs.
  • Approach local schools.
    Teachers are always concerned about enhancing programs for students at a low cost. Promote the Telescopes4Teachers donation program (www.telescopes4teachers.org) and have teachers collect donations for Galileoscopes for their classrooms, or encourage them to purchase classroom sets.

Galileoscope resources

The Galileoscope™ website

Purchase a Galileoscope™

Detailed instructions on assembling a Galileoscope™ https://www.galileoscope.org/gs/content/downloads

YouTube video of a Galileoscope™ being assembled, by Adler Planetarium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1iByPaAG0U

Teaching & outreach with the Galileoscope™

Flickr Galileoscope group™

The International Year of Astronomy, US Node

The International Year of Astronomy, International homepage

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