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Science Beyond Borders:

by Chris Faesi, former student member, SPS National Council
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Science Beyond Borders: PHYSICS FOR ALL Download 2013 artwork

We are connected now more than ever before—at every level—as physicists, scientists, members of society, and as humans. The advent of faster travel and instant communication connects people of all backgrounds across national, political, and ethnic borders. In the modern connected world, physics is no longer an arcane science restricted to those with a PhD: physicists collaborate with biologists, engineers, and economists to help with education, climate science, and energy production. These are issues that affect everyone, and an understanding of physics enables involvement and brings new perspective for the betterment of all. Physicists have a responsibility not just to discover, but also to share and to educate. Science plays a key role in a connected world, but it is not an automatic one. We must choose to forge the links between science and society, between the lab and the living room, and across the barriers that constantly threaten to divide the world. We must choose to bring physics to all.

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About the Theme

Themes for SPS are developed by members of the SPS National Council. The 2013 theme was selected to expand on the theme of the 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress, hosted by Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society housed within SPS: Connecting Worlds Through Science and Service.


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