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By Ovie Martin Arienmughare, Lincoln University

SPS Reporter Ovie Martin Arienmughare.  

The SPS Chapter at Lincoln University currently has very few members, but its growth in the past years has been nothing short of remarkable.  Most of the support for the chapter comes from the Physics and Pre-Engineering students who aspire to become members.  In the month of February, 2008, thirteen members attended the National Society of Black and Hispanic Physicists (NSBP & NSHP) conference in Washington, DC, and the apex of our club was highlighted when two of our senior members received academic and leadership scholarships.  In late March, I attended the Ohio-Region Section of American Physical Society (OSAPS) conference at Youngstown State University.  In our effort to connect with other SPS chapters within the region I attended this meeting and gave a poster presentation.

  Poster Presentation at the Mosser Hall Lobby.

This was the first OSAPS conference I had attended, and hence I had no idea what to expect.  The fact that it was hosted at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, only confused me because I thought that Youngstown was a much larger town, overflowing with a large populace.  One could therefore imagine my surprise when I arrived. The town seemed deserted.  It was not until I was returning back to school that it dawned on me that perhaps as physicists in America, we do not only have the responsibility of improving mankind’s way of life by partaking in research, but also by serving our community. One such example is conducting conferences in areas such as Youngstown, where we support the local economy.

Dinner at the Butler Institute of Art.  

From the moment I got to the registration desk, I knew the meaning of efficiency.  The two ladies at the desk were courteous and efficient in the manner they registered the respective participants.  At the conference, there were a sizeable number of poster and oral presentations, which summed up as ‘superb.’  The poster presentations were on the first day of the conference, whilst the oral presentations ran through both days. Day one was highlighted only by Professors giving talks, whilst day two of the conference saw both students and professor presentations.  There were approximately thirty four participants at this year’s conference, a number much larger than last year’s. Amongst the veterans to speak at the conference was Dr. Jie Sha from Case Western Reserve University.

Following Dr. Jie’s talk and the commencement of the poster presentations, there was a coffee break during which we had the opportunity to look at rocks and precious stones from Africa amongst other places.  Some of us even had the chance to see dinosaur excretion (poop).

  Dr. Patrick Durrell, OS/APS Spring 2008 Meeting Chair.

After the poster session, we had dinner at the Butler Institute of American Art.  During the meal, the chair of the OSAPS, Dr. Brad Trees (Ohio Wesleyan) and Dr. Patrick Durrell (Youngstown State University) gave speeches on their goals for the conference, experiences organizing it, and working in their respective capabilities.  During an interview with Dr. Trees, he stressed that the most important programs organized by the OSAPS were the fall and spring conferences where they provided large number of Physicists both faculty and students the avenue to share their knowledge and research experiences.  According to him, the organization is working hard on advertising the conference to a wider audience.  Dr. Durrell on the other hand said that. “Over a hundred and sixty people had pre-registered for the conference”.  As to the lack of minorities (women and people of color), he explained that it was just happenstance.  One point they did agree on was that the OSPAS was not intended to address that fact, but they were working on getting more people to attend the conference with the hope of having a more diverse group.

As a whole, the conference was very educational, inspirational, and fun. from the poster and oral presentations to the coffee break at Moser Hall with dinosaur poop in the background and everything else that took place.  Every Physicist who was not in attendance should be arrested for failing to have had this particular wonderful experience.

A special thanks to all who made this conference as exceptional as it was.

Exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art: 'Love' is written in Chinese in each work of art in the room.


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