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Honorary Members

The highest class of membership in Sigma Pi Sigma is that of Honorary Member. Only distinguished physicists and related scientists who have made valuable contributions to physics at the national level are eligible for this honor. Local chapters may nominate such individuals, but election is only by the National Council. Following is a list of Sigma Pi Sigma's Honorary Members.

  • Robert B. Lindsay
  • Per-Olov Lowdin
  • John C. Mather
  • Louis R. Maxwell
  • W. O. Milligan
  • John Marburger
  • John W. Mitchell
  • Karl Z. Morgan
  • Lloyd Motz
  • Margaret Murnane
  • Homer E. Newell
  • Alfred O. C. Nier
  • A. Ray Oplin
  • Ernst J. Opik
  • Douglas D. Osheroff
  • Linus C. Pauling
  • J. O. Perrine
  • William D. Phillips
  • Melba Newell Phillips
  • William G. Pollard
  • Martin A. Pomerantz
  • Herman Postma
  • Norman F. Ramsey, Jr.
  • Gertrude Fleming Rempfer
  • John S. Rigden
  • Walter Orr Roberts
  • Eric M. Rogers
  • Paul Roman
  • Stuart Allen Roosa
  • Arthur E. Ruark
  • Vera Rubin
  • Vincent J. Schaefer
  • Roland W. Schmitt
  • J. Robert Schrieffer
  • Worth Seagondollar
  • Emilio Gino Segre
  • Robert S. Shankland
  • James Stith
  • Verner Suomi
  • Jill Tarter
  • Joseph H. Taylor, Jr.
  • Gordon K. Teal
  • James Trefil
  • Louis A. Turner
  • James Van Allen
  • Alvin M. Weinberg
  • Carl Wieman
  • Harvey E. White
  • Marsh W. White
  • Milton G. White
  • Chen Ning Yang
  • Robert W. Young
  • Clarence Zener