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Information Handbook

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We're moving! The SPS Information Handbook Database, that is.

We ask for your patience while we transition to a new online system that will allow us to better serve SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma chapters. Instructions for updating your chapter information will be posted here soon.

If you have not received the 2013-14 Information Handbook and flashdrive, check with your chapter advisor to make sure you update your chapter information (see link above)! Then give us a call (301-209-3007) or email!

Download the full 2013 SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma Information Handbook (pdf)

Download the full 2013 SPS Flash Drive: Get Connected!

Table of Contents

SPS Information Handbook

  • Science Beyond Borders: Physics for All
  • Making the Connection: Introduction
  • Get Connected: SPS Flash Drive Contents
  • Get Connected with SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma
    • Overview of the Society of Physics Students & Sigma Pi Sigma
    • American Institute of Physics & the Physics Resources Center
    • Join the SPS Network!
    • A Message for Physics Department Leadership
    • Governance of SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma
    • Connecting in Your Zone
    • Sigma Pi Sigma: More Than Just an Honor Society
    • Supporting Student Programs: Connecting with the Future
  • Get Connected with Opportunities
    • SPS Programs: Major Society Initiatives
    • SPS Programs: Scholarships for Outstanding Academic Performance
    • SPS Programs: Awards for Chapters
    • SPS Programs: Awards for Individuals
    • Sigma Pi Sigma: Programs and Awards
    • Connecting to Opportunities: Applying for SPS Awards & Programs
    • SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma: Awards and Scholarships Deadlines
    • 2012-13 Recipients of SPS Scholarships, Awards, & Programs (sidebars)
  • Stay Connected: The SPS “How-To” Quick Guide
    • Update SPS Membership Information
    • Update Chapter Information
    • Build Excitement About SPS
    • Find SPS Chapter & Zone Directories
    • Submit the Annual Chapter Report
    • Find the SPS Constitution & Bylaws
    • Find a Roster of Chapter Membership
    • SPS Online Roster
    • Sigma Pi Sigma Online Roster
    • Start a Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter
    • Induct New Sigma Pi Sigma Members

SPS "Get Connected" Flash Drive

2013 SPS Flash Drive: Get Conneted!2013 SPS Flash Drive: Get Conneted!


Additional Files

2013 SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma Information Handbook
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