Annual Chapter Reports & Information Updates

Submission Deadline: June 15

2014-15 chapter reports continue to be welcomed, but time is running out.

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Why submit a chapter report?

It is required!

To show off your hard work.

  • Chapters should consider this report as the prime opportunity to showcase their activities and to share ideas with other chapters.

To reflect and build.

  • Preparing a summary of activities is also a great time to reflect on growth, effectiveness and do some goal setting as a chapter. Taking time to reflect on the year’s events and prepare a report is important for the health, success and growth of the chapter. By looking back on your year, you will remember things to celebrate and keep for next year, and also identify areas for improvement.

To archive for the future.

  • Your report is very important for the records of the National SPS office in the development of new programs. So, please take the time to tell us all about SPS (and Sigma Pi Sigma) at your school. Your chapter activities may be featured in one of the SPS publications, or on our website.

What if our chapter didn’t really do that many activities?

  • Everything Counts! The impact of SPS is well known by many, but it is very important to produce evidence in order to grow programs and increase the services that SPS provides to students and departments around the world.
Submitting Chapter Reports

Reports AND Chapter Information Updates must be submitted no later than June 22 to be considered for an Outstanding Chapter Award.

Creating Your SPS Chapter Report

• Here are two examples of winning reports from previous years:

  1. Eastern Michigan University, MI (Zone 7)
  2. Angelo State University, TX (Zone 13)

• To see all of the 2014 Outstanding SPS Chapters, click here.

• To get an idea about the criteria used for this selection process, please see the Chapter Report Rubric.

• Use these templates as a guide for preparing your reportSeveral versions of the template are available.

• Supporting materials (for example: photos, programs, news clippings, etc.) should be copied or inserted directly into the report and captioned. You may be contacted by the SPS National Office for higher resolution photos should they be needed for publication.

• Be sure to keep a copy of your report locally.

• Once the report is complete please save the report in pdf format (preferred). Most word processors will do this. Saving the file as a pdf insures that reviewers will see the same formatting as the author intended. If saving as a pdf  is not possible, you may upload in word format, but other formats may result in a report that does not appear as intended.

• Instructions for uploading chapter reports

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