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PhysTEC presents a message to physics majors... A teacher can have an impact on dozens of young lives every day. And qualified physics teachers are in high demand almost anywhere in the country. This innovative video showcases four dynamic, young teachers who will inspire your students to consider a career in teaching physics.

As more and more careers require an understanding of science, and schools face a critical and growing need for qualified physics teachers, ANY STUDENT WHO MIGHT CONSIDER A CAREER TEACHING PHYSICS SHOULD SEE THIS VIDEO.

This fast-paced five-minute video can be screened in university classrooms, physics department open houses, or any other place physics majors meet.

For more information about programs to recruit more physics teachers, pelase see and

Physics Teacher Education Coalition

The Mission of the Physics Teacher Education Coalition is the improvement of K-12 physics and physical science teacher preparation. Take a look at the PTEC Conferences, Institutions and opportunities.

Teach for America

SPS is pleased to present the experiences of several members who are involved in the Teach for America (TFA) program. Teach For America is the national corps of top recent college graduates of all academic majors who commit to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity.

Pat's Picks for STEM Educators Pat Viele is the Physics & Astronomy Librarian for the Edna McConnell Clark Physical Sciences Library at Cornell University. Her weekly round-up of exemplary Web resources for STEM educators appear in this blog. Not only does it highlight lesson plans, notes, and biographies, but also resources like RET information so teachers can help students and themselves at the same time.
The Nucleus: Scholarship Opportunities The Nucleus is a comPADRE collection designed specifically to serve as an informational touchpoint and online community for undergraduate physics and astronomy students. It houses a searchable scholarship database which includes several scholarships for future teachers.
Physics in High School and Two-Year Colleges The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) leverages the expertise of its six research program offices and the unique capabilities at DOE’s laboratories to sponsor workforce training programs designed to motivate students and educators to pursue careers that will contribute to the Office of Science’s mission in discovery science and science for the national need. WDTS also partners and coordinates with other DOE program offices and other federal agencies in its workforce and STEM education efforts.
Teaching Opportunities in Physcial Science

The MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms is the home of TOPS ("Teaching Opportunities in Physical Sciences"), a six-week summer program for sophomore or junior physics majors who are considering a career in teaching at the secondary level. TOPS provides college students with the opportunity to design curricula and teach high school and middle school students under the guidance of experienced teachers. TOPS is located at MIT. The Center for Ultracold Atoms is supported by the National Science Foundation.

Buffalo State Univeristy: Scholarships for Prospectiv Teachers

If you are thinking about teaching, money is plentiful to help pay for college. The Buffalo State Physics Department website lists several Scholarships for prospective teachers, as well as In-service Physics Teacher Professional Development and Support.

Physics in High School and Two-Year Colleges

These reports from the AIP Statistical Research Center document the curriculum range and student enrollment trends in physics at the high school and two-year college level, as well as the personal characteristics and academic backgrounds of physics teachers at these levels. They also examine teachers' experiences, instructional practices, available resources and the impact of recent science education reforms on physics programs.

AIP Teacher Certification Contacts If you are considering teaching as a career choice, this list of State Contacts for Teacher Certification from the AIP Statistical Research Centerwill be vital to you. The ruless governing teacher certification change regularly, vary greatly across states, and many states have a number of different options, including alternate teacher certification.
Physics in High School and Two-Year Colleges

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) makes it easier to find teaching and learning resources from the federal government. More than 1,500 federally supported teaching and learning resources are included from dozens of federal agencies. New sites are added regularly.

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